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Dailies for 05.31.2005

Appropriate For Memorial Day, In Hind Sight

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Yesterday afternoon we went back to our old neighborhood to sit in the sun by the water and people watch.

We used to live right across the street from the World Trade Center and September 10th was the last night that we spent in an apartment where we had lived for 13 years. One of the odd consequences of the 9/11 experience is the sudden separation from people who had been neighborhood friends for so long. Either you lived there and moved without question, like we did or, many of your neighbors and vendors etc. just left — ABRUPTLY! Very weird phenomena to, SUDDENLY be disconnectd from so many people that you had community with — unplanned.

We’ve only been back once — last year. It’s been hard to go back.

Anyway, Auguste and Gussie and I got ice cream from our old Summer hang out, Custard Beach (Old Custard still stands) and we picked a great spot on the promenade at the river. We decided to have a contest to see who could guess the number of old neighbors that we might see. The winner would be the one who guessed the closest without going over. I guessed 5, Auguste guessed 4, Gussie guessed that we would see 3.

Auguste won and then we went to a movie.

Dailies for 05.29.2005

Piggy Pearl

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“Think of those you love, and know that they love you too. No matter how difficult it may seem, you have within you the power, the ability, and the knowledge to make it better. God loves you and He will take care of you. I love you very very much. Stay as sweet as you are”.

- My Grandma’s Goodbye

Dailies for 05.27.2005

It All Of A Sudden Hit Me

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Can you imagine what it would be like if,

you never ever tasted a banana and then you did.


Bananas are glorious if you think about; soft and sweet and unlike any other fruit, really.

I admit that I have been taking the banana for granted so this morning I’m showing it a little respect.

Dailies for 05.26.2005

Gym-Press Me!

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There’s this whole weird subculture at “the gym”!

Have you ever noticed that?

Yesterday, I arrived a touch early to step class. I always arrive just a little early becuase it drives me nuts when someone takes my spot! I really hate that! It totally goes against gym ettiquette.

So anyway, yesterday this guy Dan comes in early too. He is a regular in the class and is always flying in late like he’s really mega important so he can show off his expensive suit — like “Notice me! Notice me! I’m in an expensive suit!”.

Yeah yeah, relax. We see you O.K. And besides, didn’t your Mom ever tell you that it’s far more impressive to be cool and don’t act at all like you think you’re as much as you want everyone else to think that you are?

Furthermore, hasn’t anyone ever told you that none of that “stuff” makes any difference at “the gym”? !!!!!

Whatever title you may or may not have , whoever you might think that you are in “the real world” is IRRELEVANT at “the gym”, O.K.? “The gym” is one of the last places on earth where people like me can put people like you in there place for acting so high and mighty all of the time. Once you step across that threshold, once you trade in your civilian attire for a pair of shorts and skimpy tee — Well, it’s a whole ‘nother game. The only thing that matters at “the gym” is whether or not

you can hang.

Anyway, Dan arrives early yesterday and starts telling the instructor that his LOVAH will no longer be taking the class because he is tired of Dan showing him up! Give me a break! You’re more full of yourself than I had originally thought.

But, herein lies my problem with this guy:

His leg kicks and his arabesque moves are way better than mine! And when we “mambo-cha-cha-cha”, I am secretly watching him out of the corner of my eye so that I can figure out how he makes it look so easy! He sweats like a pig and he looks great doing it!

He can, in fact, HANG!! I hate that!

The nerve of this guy. Look, you don’t get to be all that in here if you think you’re all that out there! You don’t get to rule in both arenas! It totally goes against gym ettiquette!

There’s this whole weird subculture at “the gym”!

Have you never noticed that?

Who Knew?

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I can no longer participate in, what I consider to be, one of the biggest tragedies of American culture today –

The Evening News.

When did it become story after story of nothing but rape, murder, heartbreak and death?

Could ya’ sprinkle a little optimism into your depression stew; possibly offer something a little more uplifting every now and then? Pretty please, ALREADY!!???

Anyway, I am addictied to television, therefore, I have no intention of turning it off entirely EVER! I would nonetheless, prefer my mindless chatter not involve someone getting bludgeoned to death.

My compromise?

TRL — otherwise known as Total Request Live on MTV! It’s my 5:00 PM alternative to wallowing in misery with Chuck and Sue on WNBC .

Best part is I have become a little more hip in the process (saying “more hip” has probably just set me back though. Phat, maybe?). My favorite video and song: Holla Back by Gwen Stefani– luv her!

I have just kind of seemlessly joined the MTV generation and I’m not goin’ back!

“Off da’ hook”!!!!!
(See. I told you. Pretty HIP… I mean uh, Phat right?)

Dailies for 05.24.2005

If I Didn’t Care, I’d Be Home Watching Nick And Jessica

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All I wanted was,

to steal a moment on Monday. Is that too much to ask? Just ONE MOMENT, on Monday, to call my very own!

This was not to be.

It all started on Sunday.

6:00 AM – Got up early to try and finish my weekly email newsletter message.
Noon – Took a brunch break. ( Auguste and Gussie and I, met our friend Joanne at one of our favorite places, Palacinka. The crepes there are unbelievable! Even better than the ones you buy from the vendor carts in Paris).
3:00 PM - Arrive back at home.
3:30 PM - Sit at computer for 8 miserable hours and 20 agonizing minutes wrestling with writers block.
11:20 PM – Go to bed.
Midnight – Awakened by Auguste. (briefing me on Matt’s Surprise Birthday Party which I missed because everything that I was writing was lame.)

That brings me to Monday.

6:00 AM - Rise and shine. Work work work.
3:00 PM – Pick Gussie up from school.
5:00 PM – Take Gussie back to school for String Jamboree Concert
6:00 PM – Sting Jamboree Concert.
7:30 PM – Concert over. Get talked into pizza party at Monty’s because “everyone else is going, Mom”.
8:15 PM – Leave Monty’s and head for farewell party for Barbara and Monica.
9:00 PM – Arrive back at home too tired to care. Fix snacks, light housekeeping…

Bottom line:

It is now Tuesday! I am still stuck back at Monday looking for that ONE MOMENT!

I’ve really got to get a grip (and then maybe I could finally “get a life”).

Dailies for 05.20.2005

Star Wars Fever!

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I guess I just dont get it.

Dailies for 05.19.2005

Sometimes Nature Calls For Drastic Measures!

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I have recently realized that almost all of the conversations that go on in my head start out as –


It’s very noisy in my head.

Fortunately, I have learned to control those noisy complaints which, in all honesty has made life a little bit more pleasant.

Today, for instance, I was wondering for the millionth time why cashiers in New York City insist on counting and recounting your change before they give it to you. Don’t they know that time is money and by the time they have counted and recounted, well

“Keep the change because who knows how much time I’m losing here!!!”

Then they always, as if they expect the result to be different, count the change one more time as they’re putting it into your hand.

Well today, instead of letting the complaint show up all over my face, this time I smiled at the clerk very nicely and then –

she let me use the EMPLOYEES ONLY rest room.

Dailies for 05.17.2005

Called To Admit He Was About To Cheat With A Piece of Hot Meat!

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What can I say? I feel very betrayed.

Here I thought that we understood each other. And I certainly never thought that he would be where he was, about to do what he was about to do after all we’ve been through.

I thought that our unspoken agreement was a sacred bond!!!

Well, I guess not.

Today at 4:17 PM, to be exact, Auguste called me from his cell phone to confess that he was about to cheat and that there was nothing that I could do or say to stop him.

What!!?? Should I be grateful that, for some reason he felt the need to call me to tell me even though he had already made up his mind to do this? What exactly was the point of this call? I wanted to speak up — to take a stand for the integrity of our commitment but,

the words just stuck in my throat.

Then he said softly “Look, I have had a very stressful day and I need to do this. I uh, um…

… and that’s just that”!

It was then that I heard a small voice in my head that said “Cut the guy a break. Afterall, he has been very deprived lately. Perhaps you could just overlook this apparent inevitable betrayal — just this once?

“Not only is it O.K., ” I swallowed hard, “but you have my blessing”.

He admitted to me later, when he got home, that he should have excercised more will power. He admitted that he could have considered our commitment to one another before he allowed himself to be weak. He admitted that, in hindsight, he had not been thinking with a clear head. But, to tell you the truth, I am no fool!!!!! And, I know this man better than he knows himself! The only reason that he was feeling any regret at all about giving in to his temptation, was because, ultimately, the experience had not been that great. Serves him right!

Turns out that the Turkey Burgers and Cottage fries at Cozy Soup and Burger are not at all what they used to be!

Dailies for 05.16.2005

Reality Check

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I read somewhere today that one sure way to tell a fake diamond from the real thing is that a fake diamond will look perfect. The real thing, the one that has value, will always be –


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