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Dailies for 05.15.2005

Unfigure It Out

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Remember Math class?

Remember addition, subtraction, less than, greater than and, equal to?

Remember when we were just figuring out how to put it all together? All of the equations — so neat, so logical, so rational, so reasonable. It all fit together, in math class.

2 + 2 = 4. I mean everybody knows that.

But what if 2 + 2 could = 5, too? What if … Click To Read More

Piggy Pearl

Dana @ 8:42 PM | Filed under: General

If you are willing to shift your existing paradigms and see beyond conventional wisdom; see beyond the way it has always been done,

YOU may just uncover a new answer that could change the rest of your life.

- Dana Roc

Dailies for 05.13.2005

That’s What You Get For Being So Presumptuous

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Auguste and I have a standing coffee date every week at Jack’s Coffee in Greenwich Village.

I pick Gussie up afterschool and then I drop her off for her Ballet lesson at the Joffrey Ballet School and then Auguste and I get to talk, uninterrupted for an hour and a half.

Yesterday was such a warm sunny day, (which has been a rare thing in New York City this Spring) that we decided to have our coffee on Jack’s bench. It’s a cute little bench that Jack has surrounded with this cute little mini city garden — as much of a garden as you can have in front of a West 10th Street cafe.

Note: We love Jack’s. It’s one of those “where everybody knows your name” places.

Anyway, we settle in for our date with an apricot raspberry muffin and a bright red habiscus iced tea (this tea is a great accessory for sitting on a bench in the sun), when this pigeon emerges like he’s missing something. Seriously, he’s in a little bit of a hurry, as if some party has started without him. (By the way, this is the quickest way for a pigeon to get on my bad side). This nervy bird then proceeds to keep hanging around us on our “date bench” as if we were somehow obliged to give him some of our “date muffin”.

“Dude, it’s not often that we have an opportunity to share a complete thought or even finish an entire sentence without being interrupted. So, you and your pecking and bobbing and begging at our ankles just won’t do. Beat it! Besides, I don’t believe in rewarding or encouraging bad manners and rude behavior in birds. Get a life!”

He finally leaves and we sit enjoying the sun and our uninterrupted conversation.

After awhile, Jack comes down from his apartment upstairs with his bike and asks “how’s the date goin’ “?

“As a matter of fact — good”, and we realize it’s almost time to go and get Gussie.

Auguste looks around for a place to put our Muffin plate while we pack up, and he notices a perfect spot on the garden ledge. Just as he starts to put the plate on the ledge, something stops him. I look at him curiously as I simultaneosuly figure it out:


He nods.

Then we eat up every last crumb.

Dailies for 05.12.2005

Not Like The Soap Opera Kind, Either

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I was talking to a friend yesterday. She’s dating after not having dated for awhile.

We ended up talking about how critical being SEXY is to being attractive.

I mean:

Can you really be attractive if you are not SEXY?

Then we started talking about:

What SEXY is — really.

SEXY begins with being interested. If you are not interested, really interested in someone else, I’ve got news for you:

You are not SEXY!

Being interested makes you interesting. Being interested is SEXY!

Show me a person who is not SEXY and I’ll show you a person who is not authentically committed to being connected to other people and what they think or want.

Show me a person who is undeniably SEXY and I’ll show you a person who is

Alive and living!!!

Dailies for 05.11.2005

Would You Please Pass Me the Sugar?

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Someone yesterday, accused me of being “nice”.

“Well, I never!” You might as well poke me in the eye. You can say a lot of things about me but “nice” better not be one of them.

Last night as we sat down for coffeeand dessert (a nightly ritual that I force Auguste into when he’d much rather be watching whatever game of whichever sport is on), I shared this ridiculous accusation. He agreed with me and told me I was “absolutely right” that

the “nice” can not be trusted!

I remember Michael. He was a “nice” guy. He was a guy that was in a Meisner Technique class that I was taking back when I was studying theatre. Michael was one of those chronically “nice” guys, always overly smiling and being overly accomodating. He may have had everyone else in that class fooled, but not me. I was on to him and I had predicted (and told David so that I would have a witness) that it would be just a matter of time before “Michael Nice Guy” would expose his true colors.

Class after class he would do his scene work and every time that he would have to express any emotion other than “NICE”, he would close his eyes, start rubbing his forehead and play with his hair. It’s like he was trying to keep his proverbial lid on tight or something.

Sure enough, just as I had predicted to David, one brisk, bright, beautiful sunny day, as we were reaching the end of our 2 year term, it happened —

Michael flipped his tightly screwed on lid and all Hell broke loose!!!!, so to speak.

He just completely lost control and started screaming obscenities and throwing chairs and, while everybody else sat looking stunned and shocked, I just gave the old “I-told-you-so shrug” and leaned down and smuggly whispered to David “But, he was such a nice boy. And then he took out the entire class”.

So, do not, DO NOT ever accuse me of being NICE!!! That would be insulting.

“I don’t trust the ‘nice’ “, I continued on with Auguste.

“All that frosting is covering up some kind of nasty cake, rest assured!!! It’s just not natural!!! I like to tell it like it is.!!! I smile when there is something to smile about.!!!! If I don’t like something I don’t pretend that I do!!! The chronically “nice” never lose it!!!!!!! They’re not healthy!!!!! You’ve got to let your lid flip regularly or else it will eventually explode like Michael and people could get hurt!!!!!

And then I realize that I’m going on and on and on and on and on and on, drinking coffee and eating pie and I look over at Auguste and I catch him with his eyes closed, rubbing his forehead.

Mr. Roc

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Hi Auguste.


Dailies for 05.10.2005

Separate But Equal

Dana @ 6:53 PM | Filed under: General

I honestly think that as we move into the Jetson age, we should have moving sidewalks in New York City.

I propose tht these moving sidewalks be modeled after those sidewalks in airports. You know how there is the “Walk” lane and the “Stand” lane? Except, in NYC, I think that they should have a

“Fast” lane — for people like me who regularly sprint in high heels, who get phobic if they can’t sprint to the subway train, and who are ready to blow a gasket if someone stops to hold a conversation right dab smack in the middle of a sidewalk.

And a

“Slow” lane — for everybody else.

I was born with the fast walker gene so I can’t stand to manuever around and navigate through the normal walkers or the slow pokey pokes, as I call them. I could probably add about 24 hours worth of productivity to my year if I didn’t have to dart in and out and of the crowds and constantly slow down to a jog while people just kind of take their time.

I could add another gazillion hours of productivity to my entire life if Auguste wasn’t KING of the slow pokey poke walkers!

That Nut Fell Far From This Tree

Dana @ 11:07 AM | Filed under: General

This morning I was putting something away in Gussie’s room and I noticed 2 walnut halves laying there in the middle of the bed.

I was stunned because those were the same walnut halves that I had told her, not 30 minutes before, that she“had to eat or else no dessert after dinner” (As soon as I said it, I mentally gagged because I couldn’t believe that I sounded so outdated).

Anyway, I’m looking at these walnut halves in the middle of the bed and I don’t know whether to laugh, begin crafting some kind of memorable creative consequence for her disobedience, or conduct a one-on-one training for her when she gets home from school on how-to-successfully-pull-of f-a-sneaky-lying-move-on-your-parents 101. I mean c’mon Miss Gussie, this is basic stuff.

This is Sneaky Move 101. Here you go:

  • Use a napkin.
  • Place the food in your mouth as if you’re going to eat it.
  • Fake a mini cough attack (a maxi will look to obvious).
  • Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom .
  • Flush.
  • Get on with your life.
  • This past Sunday I was talking with my Mom and in a moment of weakness I decided to share a Sneaky Move that I had pulled at 15 years old.

    Me, Beth L., Trina T. and Becky R., decided that we were going to have our own party on New Year’s Eve. We each told our parent that we were sleeping over at one of the other’s for New year’s Eve when instead, we rented a hotel room at the Sheraton. I chickened out though, and at around 9:30, I went home and told my Mom that I left the “slumber party” because I felt sick.

    Just couldn’t go through with the lie. I was also a bit of a goody two shoes so for me, that was way beyond Sneaky Move 101 behavior.

    Even though my Mom and I laughed, I do regret telling her about that lie. She had no idea I did that and she seemed a little taken aback. I couldn’t tell if she was disappointed in me for the lie or if she was disappointed in herself for not having figured it out. I think she and Gussie might have been a more compatible mother/daughter match in the Sneaky Move department. (Don’t even try it Gussie, ’cause I will know)

    Bottom line, and not that I’m proud of this but,

    as a kid I did know better than to:


    Dailies for 05.09.2005

    Identity Crisis Averted

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    Every Monday morning for almost the last 2 years, I sent out an email message in newsletter form to a list of subscribers from around the world. This is the message from this week’s newsletter. I hope that it contributes something to you.

    Oh! and subscribe to the newsletter, to your right, if it does!

    Have you ever noticed that you don’t always get to pick the leaders in your life?

    You know what I mean. Sometimes you just get assigned a leader that you have to follow whether you like it or not. It’s one of the realities of life. But listen up:

    Leader is a distinction.

    A distinction is that which distinguishes one thing from another and sets it apart. Leader is a distinction. It is a role that someone got assigned to play. A specific role with specific responsibilities and things to be accountable for are what make up a distinction. A Boss, a President, CEO, Teacher, Coach, Pastor or Parent, are all distinctions that we are all familiar with. Consider that your “boss” is not merely just a person. Who your boss is, relevant to you, is the distinction “boss”, operating from a series of expectations and standards that come with that particular territory.

    People are distinct.

    To be distinct is to be distinguished as individual; marked out, separated by a visible sign, separated so as not to be confused with any other thing; special. Consider that your “boss” is not merely just your “boss”. Beyond the distinction “boss” there exists a flesh and bone person, operating from a series of opinions and judgments, past experiences, likes, dislikes, feelings and agendas that come with the condition of being a human being.

    When someone is assigned to lead they come into that accountability, they step into that distinction with their own distinct personal identity — what they think, who they like , what they know and don’t know, how they personally feel and how they personally operate. We all have a personal identity. We all have personal baggage. Leaders are not exempt and being a Leader, does not make someone more distinct or distinguished than you. You are distinguished and distinct because you are different than anybody else.

    Leader is a distinction. And we are all distinct.


    When you play the game of follow the leader while collapsing those two worlds — the world of the role that someone was assigned, and the world of personal identity, you are at risk! You run the risk of making someone greater than they are and you run the risk of making them greater than you. You are at risk for having no compassion for their humanity. You risk being disappointed, becoming disillusioned, having unfulfilled expectations. You will eventually just give up.

    When I was seven years old and in…
    Click here to read on

    Dailies for 05.08.2005

    Piggy Pearl

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    Over endowing someone with divine characteristics and superior qualities, is not being responsible for the greatness in you. You can’t think too highly of someone else without thinking too little of yourself.

    – Dana Roc

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