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Dailies for 07.29.2005

Forgive Me For Being So Clueless!

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“Mom, my head is like a peach.

If you are going to take the seed out, you have to be very careful.”

– Gussie Roc, age 5

Dailies for 07.28.2005

When At A Loss For Words – Shut Up

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Something happened yesterday that reminded me of one of my recent most embarassing moments.

I was back in my hometown, Madison Wisconsin, for a summer visit.

Auguste and I and Gussie were eating ice cream and walking through downtown with my Aunt Emma. We were laughing and talking as we passed two guys on either side of us. They were each shaking a cup and begging for change.

As I passed the guy on the left we locked eyes. We stood staring at each other for about a second and then he said:


I said:


We recognized each other as old childhood playgorund buddies. Then, as if on automatic pilot, I said:

“How’s it going?”

Why did I say that? I mean, I heard the question in my head just before I was about to utter the words but it was too late. I couldn’t shut up in time. That’s what I get for asking the standard, old standby question that we always ask people but we never really want to know the real answer to. Anyway, talk about your awkward moment!

But then, as if things weren’t bad enough, as he and I struggled to try and salvage our reunion moment with some more of those automatic social niceties like –

“How’s your mother?”

(I asked that question just before I remembered she had died),

my Aunt Emma did the only thing that would be more awkward than the questions I had asked:


That’s about when we all simultaneously decided that we were done catching up.

Dailies for 07.26.2005

The Baby With The Bath Water, The Forest For The Trees

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I was visiting author Keith Boykin’s website yesterday.

He had written a review about the movie Hustle and Flow. The review was set up such that readers can post comments. His review of Hustle and Flow inspired a very lively discussion about blacks, and stereotypes and how we are portrayed on screen. Some readers even commented that they would not be seeing the movie because it was about black pimps etc.

Below is the comment that I posted:

I was talking to a friend on Friday night. She shared with me that her father hated the movie Sideways because he did not think that people should be having elicit sex like that on screen. My friend has a 10 month old daughter. My daughter is 10 years old. We were discussing the fact that we hope that we can set the kind of example for our children that will leave them able to appreciate the complexity of the human experience; to see beyond the superficial for the gold that lies beneath. I want that for “my girl”.

The characters in Hustle and Flow were complex, as was the story. To make a judgment about the value of this movie based on whether or not it is stereotypical is to miss out on something special. I don’t beleive that everybody “hustling” wants to be doing so necessarily. People want more than where they find themselves sometimes, but sometimes people get stuck and forgotten.

There are a lot of different people out there living a lot of different experiences. I was transported when I saw Hustle and Flow, to a place of beauty. Beyond the raw grit of their experience (which IS for many a daily struggle to survive ) — was something very uplifting. I don’t think that this is a movie that should be missed. The performances are outstanding and my humanity and compassion were expanded.

Dailies for 07.25.2005

Garbage In, Garbage Out!

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Let’s talk about cake.

Better yet, let’s talk about cupcakes.

Really! With all of the tragic stories and depressing conversation all over the news and in the papers — let’s just talk about something good.

Better yet –

Let’s just go eat!

Dailies for 07.21.2005


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The words genuine and genius come from the same Latin root word.

Maybe the first step to unlocking genius is…

…dare to be genuine?

Dailies for 07.20.2005

Aw Honey, Your Money’s No Good Here

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Recently, Gussie set up a lemonade stand in the neighborhood with one of her friends from school.

They made $64.00 in only 2 hours! Now granted, it was a hot day and they did pick a great spot —


– but I think that their little entrepreneurial spirits show real promise!

Later, as I was making dinner, I was laughing to myself remembering this episode of Roseanne:

Roseanne and Dan are struggling to get the bills paid and Roseanne has just gotten off of the phone with the electric company. She hs been informed that she has run out of time and excuses and the electricity will be shut off within a couple of hours.

Defeated, she sits at the table with Dan not sure what to do. Their son DJ, who is about 8 years old, has been listening to this whole thing:

DJ (very sweetly): Mom? I have been saving my money for something special. I have $62.00 in my piggy bank upstairs you can have.”

Roeseanne (very sweetly, back): Aw honey, no ya don’t. But thanks anyway.”

Dailies for 07.19.2005

Just Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

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He was six years old and it was the first day of first grade. His Dad walked him to school and as he dropped Auguste off he gave him instructions about how to conduct himself now that he was in the first grade.

Auguste shared that he remembers thinking “Why is he talking to me like this — like I’m a baby or something? I am a man. Doesn’t he get that?”

That’s kind of like the unexpected thought that I had recently about dogs.

In hanging out with a friend and her adorable dog recently, I could have sworn that there was a moment when I locked eyes with her dog and I know that cute little pooch was thinking to herself :

“Why is she talking to me like this — like I’m a dog or something?”

Dailies for 07.18.2005

Two Can Play That Game!

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Recently, we went to visit a friend of ours who has a house on the lake in Connecticut.

Early Saturday morning we go to Bantam Bakery. Oh my goodness — LITERALLY. All of the fresh bread and rolls and muffins are still hot. We get a cranberry, walnut and raisin loaf, some portabella mushroom, ricotta cheese and spinach epinadas and –



We get these muffins that are so fluffy and fresh, dipped in butter while still hot and then rolled in cinnamon and nutmeg:


I feel self conscious asking the owner for 3 “DIRT BAGS” but I manage to get through it nonetheless. After saying it a few times it startes to get fun so Auguste and I and Gussie and our friend keep finidng different excuses to say:


When we:

1) call the dog
2) hear some disturbing news on the radio
3) someone is driving too slow

Later on that day, we drive to Great Barrington in the Berkshires and we have lunch at a cute little restaurant called Ruby’s. We find a spot at a table outside in the sun. As we are halfway through our Pepper Hot Cubana sandwiches, a couple, 40ish, grab the table next to us. They are with her parents and her brother and their dog.

Anyhoo, everytime the husband speaks to the wife –EVERYTIME — he calls her some name like, oh:

1) “sweetie”
2) “honey”
3) “babe”

Hey! We do that, too — a lot of couples do. But then he started addressing her as:

1) “lovely”
2) “gorgeous”
3) “adorable”

The final straw for me was:

the wife has gotten up to go inside to use the ladies room. When she comes back outside to join her family, the husband yells across everyone’s table

“Hi Cutie!”.

I notice Auguste notice me, noticing this. We know what has to be done. We both kind of smirk and roll our eyes in amusement and then Auguste affectionately evened the score by calling me his:

Yep –


Dailies for 07.14.2005

What? It Could Happen!

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I love the movie Sideways

I think that they should do a sequel.

In the sequel, Miles should get good news from his publisher. He should get his book published, by a BIG, beautiful country home, have a big party for ALL his friends (with great wine, of course) and just plain ole live…

…happily ever after! (Dag nab it).

Dailies for 07.13.2005

Let’s Get One Thing Straight

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I had a great dream the other night.

Yesterday I was telling Auguste about it. He listened with fascination as I recreated the details that I could remember. He seemed to really appreciate this story about my dream and he said,

“You’re lucky. I don’t have dreams.”

“Wow”, I thought. “I never knew this about him”. Then,

I remembered…

“That’s not true”, I said. “Remember that time when I had to yell at you to wake up because you thought that I was a deer that was chasing you so you put me in a headlock? Remember that one?”

He did and we laughed. Then he said,

“I said I don’t have dreams. I never said anything about nightmares.”

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