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Dailies for 10.31.2005

If Not Now, Then You’ll Be Sorry

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Warning: A year from right now, you will no doubt look back and wish you had started today.


Right now, right where you sit at this moment –


Where do you want to be in one year? What do you want to be doing? Who are the people that you want to know? How do you want to be known?

We all have dreams. We dream about what we want for ourselves and for our lives. We all have ideas. We have ideas that we want to share and make real but sometimes we get caught up in looking too far down the road. Trying to take “it all in”, trying to consider the whole enchilada will leave you freaked out, stuck and stopped.

There are no magic seven secrets to success; no 10 step guarantee. But there is –

a first step!

And, that first step is:

Starting NOW!

Dailies for 10.28.2005

If He Could Turn Back Time…

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Auguste was numb, disappointed and quite frankly –

he was heartbroken.

He asked me to just give him a moment alone to be with his thoughts. He reassured me that he would be fine

“I just need a minute”, he says.

I walk away, leaving him sitting at the dining room table, confident that he will indeed be fine in a few moments. He never wallows in anything.

As I walk away, I am reminded about how important it is for parents to teach their children about disappointment and how to effectively deal with heartbreak. Stuff happens in life. As a matter of fact, I think that I am going to use this as an opportunity to teach Gussie about disappointment.

I peek my head into Gussie’s room. She is chatting happily on the phone with one of her friends. She looks up and, being sensitive, she whispers:

“Is Dad going to be alright?”

I assure her that he’ll be fine — “just needs a moment to pull himself together.”

Anxious to get back to her phone call she says:

“Mom, tell Dad that there will be other plays. Just because I didn’t make the play this year, well I’ll just try out again next year. Not making the play is good for me. It builds character, right? Just remind Dad that there will be other plays.”

“O.K.”, I said.

But that is “Daddy’s girl”. So, I take a deep breath and I am bracing myself for the –

long long road to graduation day.

Dailies for 10.27.2005

There Is No Place Like Home

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It was December of 1991, just a few days before Christmas –

when it happened.

The phone rang and I heard my mother’s voice on the other end of the line. She was wailing:

“They took him Dana! They took him! Oh no, they took him!!! What are we going to do!!!? He’s gone!!! They just took him!!! Oh my God!!!!”

It was the answer that we had been praying about for more than a year. It was the answer that we had hoped we would never hear:


And just like that, our lives were changed.

In December of 1991 my brother-in-law was wrongly convicted of rape and robbery, because he happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He happened to be driving to work. He was subsequently sentenced to 19 years in prison. He spent five years in prison because that is how long that it took to get him out, even after DNA testing proved that he could not have committed this crime.


From December of 1991 to April of 1997, every Christmas, every Thanksgiving, every wedding, birth, birthday –

everyday was overshadowed by the horror that my brother-in-law, my sister’s husband, my 7 year old nephew and my 2 year old niece’s Dad,-

was wrongly imprisoned.

“Daddy is in prison? Why? Why is he in prison for something that he did not do?”

After Innocence is a documentary film that addresses this question. It tells –

the dramatic and compelling story of the exonerated – innocent men wrongfully imprisoned for decades and then released after DNA evidence proved their innocence. The film focuses on the gripping story of seven men and their emotional journey back into society and efforts to rebuild their lives. Included are a police officer, an army sergeant and a young father sent to prison and even death row for decades for crimes they did not commit.www.afterinnocence.com

After Innocence is a movie that must be seen by anyone who has a compassionate heart. It is a must see for EVERYONE who values –


Dailies for 10.25.2005

Somebody Has Got To Ask The Tough Questions

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Do you ever wonder where certain people have gone?

Like for instance, what is Sade doing these days?

Or remember Terrence Trent Darby or Simply Red? Remember the Colonel?

Lisa Stansfield!!!

Remember her?

Where have these guys gone and, do they have kids? Are they driving SUV’s or have they become reclusive?

And then, there are people who never seem to go away like Richard Simmons. He’s great but sometimes I wish that –

he would put on a shirt and some pants.

The Masquerade

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I was watching Meet the Press this morning, reflecting on the current events of this past week, when I was inspired to share these thoughts from a book that I find extremely insightful; a book that I highly recommend…

In Power vs. Force, David Hawkins writes:

To better understand the critical difference between force and power and the implications of this distinction for our own lives, it’s helpful to examine human endeavor on a larger scale. The interactions of men and governments provide many clear illustrations…

One characteristic of force is arrogance; power is characterized by humility. Force is pompous; it has all the answers. Power is unassuming….

Force often relies upon rhetoric, propaganda, and specious argument to garner support and disguise underlying motivations. One characteristic of truth, though, is that it needs no defense; it is self-evident. That “all men are created equal” requires no justification or rhetorical persuasion. That it’s wrong to gas people to death in concentration camps is self-evident; it requires no argument. The principles that true power is based upon never require vindication, as force inevitably does…

“It is clear that power is associated with that which supports life, and force is associated with that which exploits life for the gain of an individual or an organization. Force is divisive and, through that divisiveness, weakens, whereas power unifies. Force polarizes. The jingoism that has such obvious appeal to a militaristic nation, just as obviously alienates the rest of the world.

Power attracts. Force repels.

Because Power unifies, it has no true enemies. Power serves others, whereas force is self serving. True statesmen serve the people; politicians exploit people to serve their own ambitions.
Statesmen sacrifice themselves.

Power appeals to our higher nature, force to our lower nature.

Force is limited, whereas power is unlimited.”

What a timely thing to consider.

Dailies for 10.24.2005

If Not Me, Who?

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There are no real rules of engagement when it comes to returning emails.

Ever notice that?

Now I am someone who emails a lot. Emailing has become my primary form of communication because it can be really efficient if you have a lot of communicating to do.

One of the habits that I have developed is, replying to an email as soon as I read it — right away. And there are some people that I email that clearly have developed this same habit.

On the other hand, there are others who email ya back –


We’ve got to figure something else out! Sometimes I’ll send an email on, say Monday, and I get a response back on Friday and by then, I don’t even remember what I said. (especially if the person has an AOL account because their replies don’t include the original message — what’s up with that?)

Anyway, as if I didn’t have enough to contemplate, now I’ve got to worry about trying to figure out who’s got what kind of email habit so that I can sort out:

  • Who only checks emails once a week
  • Who doesn’t check email at all
  • Who just forgot to get back to me
  • Who would rather communicate by phone
  • Or,

    Who, unlike me –

    just has better things to do.

    Dailies for 10.23.2005

    The Size Of The Fight In The Dog

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    “When you seek out your own personal legend, the universe conspires to help you along the way” — The Alchemist

    To have a dream is a beautiful thing.

    To be able to dream presents a profound opportunity.

    To be willing to fight for a dream elevates you to a place of poetic privilege where, you will discover what you are made of and who you really are.

    The beauty of a dreamer inspires. The opportunity to dream makes people come alive. The privilege to dare want something more for yourself and for your life separates you from the ordinariness of mere survival and just getting by.

    What is it that you want? How much longer are you willing to put up with the fact that you don’t have that yet? When will you be willing to –

    just take a chance?

    A Hero Ain’t Nothin’ But A Sandwich

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    A Hero Ain’t Nothin’ But a Sandwich is a movie that I saw when I was about 14 years old. It made a huge impression that remains with me today.

    The movie, based on a book by Alice Childress, is about a 13 year old boy, Benjie, who is hooked on heroine. The story is about the effect that his addiction has on him and the people in his life. Benjie tries over and over to kick his addiction and he keeps failing.

    I remember, towards the end of the movie, Benjie standing outside on the stoop, says to his Dad that he thinks that he can beat his heroine addiction if his Dad would just “believe in him”. His dad says to him,

    “Son, you gotta be able to do this even if nobody believes in you”.

    Inside Job

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    “Why don’t you stop and look me over! Am I the same girl you used to know?”

    A friend shared with me, not too long ago, about an operation that her husband had undergone, to correct a lifelong eye problem. While his procedure had gone well and the result was magnificent — afterward, he was still experiencing himself as “defective goods”. Even though he looked beautiful and better than ever, he was still relating to himself as if nothing on the outside had changed at all.

    That’s because nothing on the inside had changed — at all.

    My friend’s husband had always known himself to be — broken, it is who he had become for himself. Somewhere long ago; somewhere deep down inside of himself, he made a decision that something was wrong and that he needed to be fixed. The thing is, you can fix yourself up on the outside all you want, but until you are willing to work from the inside out, until you can identify what is really running the show –

    no real difference will ever be made.

    Wise Spending

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    The next time that you find yourself sitting restless, worried, bogged down with a personal problem that just won’t go away –

    Get Game.

    Maybe, you’ve been obsessing over something someone might do to you or, about something you don’t have. Consider that you are consumed by something that is not worthy of your time.

    Get Game!

    You know exactly what I mean.

    Whether you are stuck in a rut, uninspired and bored to the point of distraction or worried about the bills, you might just need to find a problem that is worthy of your time.

    If you are mad about something that didn’t go your way or feeling sorry for yourself because of all the things you’re not –

    You might just want to create a challenge that will honor who you really are.

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