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Dailies for 11.30.2005


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I remember being 19 years old and being terrified.

It was the summer that I interned at Gimbels Midwest as an Assisitant Buyer and Managment Trainee.

I remember my mother and her friend Barbara dropping me off at the Central YMCA. It was where I could afford to stay. It was a cloudy Sunday afternoon. I would start work the next morning.

I remember thinking:

This is the men’s YMCA and the toilets are community. How am I going to survive this?”

And I did survive.

It seemed like such a big deal at the time.

The thing that I remember most about that day; the thing that has really served me the most was something that my mother said. I was pleading with her and Barbara not to leave right away. I remember trying to talk them into staying with me for the rest of the day. My mother said to me:

In your whole life it will ultimately come down to you and you so you better get used to being alone. You should also learn how to enjoy your own company; learn who you are and what you are made of.”

Her words did not make me feel better at all. In fact what she said as she grabbed her purse to leave, just made me really angry. But her words hovered over me like a haunting, for the entire summer:

“…learn to enjoy your own company…learn who you are and what you are made of…”

I am a survivor. Her words have –

served me well.

Dailies for 11.29.2005

Mind Control

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Life doesn’t turn out the way that it should. For that matter, life doesn’t turn out the way that it shouldn’t.

Life turns out the way it turns out.

The challenge or the opportunity is:

Embracing whatever it is that life presents and creating whatever it is as your


Dailies for 11.28.2005

Rise and Shine

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There is sun above those clouds even if you can’t see it right now.

Even if you don’t know it, even if you don’t feel like it right now, there is. In the middle of the storm, the sun still shines in the sky —

for you.

I know there are those days when you feel lost and sometimes you feel forgotten. You try, try, try and you try and yet, you keep coming up short. Your will to keep going is fading — and fast ’cause you keep wanting, but you don’t have, you keep asking and you don’t get yet all the while, you refuse to give up.

Dailies for 11.22.2005

To Live By

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Fear not. Only just believe.

Dailies for 11.21.2005

Listen up!

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Discipline yourself!

If you’ve been given a vision for your life, make good use of your time.

A vision can not come to pass if you waste your precious time.

Dailies for 11.18.2005

He Got What Was Coming To Him

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Last night redemption paid a visit to my hometown.

My brother-in-law, Tony (my sister’s husband) attended the screening of the movie After Innocence in my hometown, Madison, WI.

AFTER INNOCENCE tells the dramatic and compelling story of the exonerated – innocent men wrongfully imprisoned for decades and then released after DNA evidence proved their innocence. The film focuses on the gripping story of seven men and their emotional journey back into society and efforts to rebuild their lives. Included are a police officer, an army sergeant and a young father sent to prison and even death row for decades for crimes they did not commitis a movie about.

In 1990 Tony was arrested and charged with rape and robbery.

Tony was innocent.

In 1991 Tony was found guilty and in 1992 he was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

It would take five years of fighting before DNA testing would prove Tony’s innocence and in April 1997 –

Tony was set free.

Last night Tony sat on a panel of experts in Madison, WI, the city that had arrested him 15 years ago. Tony participated in a question and answer session after the screening of the movie. Last night city officials were among those that attended. Last night the place was packed, and last night, during the question and answer period “The People” finally apologized and –

Tony finally cried.

Dailies for 11.16.2005

Free At Last

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I met a woman today who had 1″ long, dark purple finger nails.

Watching her hands move as she ordered a soup and a roll, I remember how, when I was about 13 years old, I got a grooming mandate while watching my favorite soap opera — All My Children.

Palmer Courtland was scolding his daughter Nina that it was unlady like to have long nails and that it was a further disgrace to paint them a color.

I remember glancing down at my long painted pink nails and thinking,

“As much as I hate to see you go, CUT YOU I MUST!”

I mean Palmer Cortland was the standard of snobbery, at the time, and I was looking for any bit of info; I was noticing every little detail that would establish me as –

clee-ass-y; as someone who had taste and was cultured.

Well today, looking at this well dressed woman with her 1″ long purple painted nails, I glanced down at my short nails with their clear neutral polish and this time I was thinking,

“Go fly a kite Palmer Courtland! Who are you to tell Nina or me or the thousands of other young girls that we had to cut our nails! “

Thousands of girls no doubt threw away their colored polish that day and conformed to your snobby ways.

Well, I have seen the future and she was –

wearing purple polish!

Dailies for 11.15.2005

Say, Celebrate, See

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You have got to be willing to speak BIG about your BIG thinking –

otherwise how do you expect that IT will ever come to pass?

After that you’ve got to be willing to walk the talk

otherwise how is anyone supposed to know who you really are?

Dailies for 11.14.2005

Free At Last

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Isn’t it just the best when you meet someone for the first time and you make a connection?

You know how that is — when you first meet someone and you really hit it off. You like them. They “LOVE” you! You are even sure that, depending on the specifics, this is the kind of person who could be:

a great friend or advisor a smart business partner or mentor a romantic love or life partner

This is someone who could contribute greatly to your life and what you want. You glimpse the possibility of what could be:

Fun Success Romance

If you got to know this person better. Only,

you’re not going to let that happen because –

you have no intention whatsoever of letting them get too close!

You admire them. They “LOVE” you, and you know that if you let them spend too much time talking with them in; if you let them really get to know the real you, they might find out who you think you really are.

Isn’t it great when you meet someone for the first time and you make a real connection; second and third time is great too. But it’s right around that fourth or fifth time that you’ve started to convince yourself that if you let them in any further, if they get to know you any better then they do right now, that would be the end of what you imagine could have been. Maybe it’s best to just keep them at arms length and preserve the fact that they think you’re great — RIGHT NOW.

But consider that:

To be happy is to be connected with people. To be connected with people you have to be willing to be who you really are.

Dailies for 11.13.2005

The Possibilities Are Endless

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Giraffes only need 2 1/2 hours of sleep everyday.

The New York Times reported that last week.

Wow. Just imagine how much more work you could get done…

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