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Dailies for 12.20.2005

All’s Well

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Just a few basic things.

This is what I have come to realize — in life, aside from the ones that you love, you really only need the following:

A white t-shirt
A grey t-shirt
A good pair Levis (premium)
A toothbrush and toothpaste
A cute scarf
A really cute coat
A pair of Chuck Taylor’s
A tube of clear lip gloss


A bottle of benzoyl peroxcide gel

That’s it.

That’s all you need…

Oh yeah,

An iPhone and a laptop

Dailies for 12.19.2005

Wise Spending

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The next time that you find yourself sitting restless, worried, bogged down with a personal problem that just won’t go away –

Get Game.

Maybe, you’ve been obsessing over something someone might do to you or, about something you don’t have. Consider that you are consumed by something that is not worthy of your time.

Get Game!

You know exactly what I mean.

Whether you are stuck in a rut, uninspired and bored to the point of distraction or worried about the bills, you might just need to…

Dailies for 12.15.2005

Let The Sun Shine — Tomorrow

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I do not like being in the dark.

I don’t like being in the dark because it’s hard to see — in the dark.

I like being able to see where I am going. I like being able to discern what’s coming at me. I like being in –


Being in the dark requires relying on something beyond what you can logically access.

It requires you to trust.

It is in the middle of the darkness; in the middle, where you are too far in to turn back and where turning back would be more difficult than courageosuly moving ahead anyway — it’s there that you realize trusting is,

much easier said than done.

All of that is exhausting when —

it’s dark and you can’t see.

Dailies for 12.14.2005

How Do You Get There From That?

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My best friends husband’s name is Nick. I love Nick but –

I call Nick Richard.

Here is how that came to be:

“Hey Nick ” –

New York kNICK
NICK yourself shaving

And finally,

Nick-son, as in Richard Nixon. Hence the name –


It was really just that simple…

Dailies for 12.12.2005


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It really does not work for me at all –

the arrogant way in which she exists.

She parades around as if she is the most important creature on the face of the earth — deciding who she will speak to and who will be dismissed and discarded as unworthy.

Who does she think that she is!?

And, as if to add insult to injury, she has no shame in asking for favors from the same people she treated like dirt just the day before.


If she thinks that she is the boss of the whole fifth grade, then she better think again!!!

(Being a Mom these days requires a very thick skin)

I’d Rather Be Red Than Dead

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The word just kind of sits there, doesn’t it?

Lukewarm. It’s not cold but it’s definitely not hot either. It’s just somewhere in between and not the least bit exciting. When I think of all of the ways that I would hate to be described –

“Lukewarm” is at the top of my list.

Recently, Kanye West shared with Oprah that:

“if life is in color, then I am playing in RED!”

Now that, that is HOT. There is nothing lukewarm about that.

Lukewarm, the temperature, is about 105 degrees, and while HOT is 211, the difference between hot and boiling to the point of making steam is –

just one degree.

Inspiring People

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Each week I sit and talk with inspiring people doing inspiring things.

Enjoy an excerpt from my conversation with world famous fashion designer, Narciso Rodriguez:

NR: …the craft is the thing that I devote the most time to and it’s also the thing that gives me the most pleasure and gives the most back to me. Many people have said that to me that they like that I am evolving the craft and, how I have evolved over the many years that I have been working. Those are really fulfilling things, I mean much more than the nonsense of press and pictures and the bullshit glamour…

Can I say “bullshit”?

DR: Yes you can. You can say whatever you like.

NR: Well no, ya know it’s just so much a core belief of what my work is – the things that are real and honest and good and you really believe in and other people believe in. That to me is worthwhile. That to me is exciting.

And then there is the bullshit; the loud fashion. And it’s not just fashion it’s politics today, its television today. I call it faux reality because you can go to a fashion show and be bedazzled, but there are no clothes on the runway. They don’t inspire women to want to dress up. They just put on shows for press; promotion. That’s not what I do. I am not interested in doing that – never have been. I think that it’s a reflection of our culture too, and the world today —

“Get out there!”

Click here to read my entire interview with Narciso

Dailies for 12.08.2005

Will They Follow Where You Lead?

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People are hungry for inspiration and hungrier still to contribute something meaningful, somewhere beyond –


People left inspired will accomplish the impossible and when empowered to contribute there is nothing that they can’t do.

Some people were just born to do great things. Fewer people are born to lead great people to do GREAT things. Fewer people still, are born with a rare capacity and a unique ability to cause ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Dig it.

In your presence —

who do people get to be?

Dailies for 12.07.2005


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Can you ever really be happy unless you have experienced profound sadness? Is it possible to truly experience success if you’ve never ever failed?

I have been giving this a lot of thought lately and I don’t think that you can have one without the other, anymore than the front of the hand can exist without the back.

I think that some of the most beautiful people that I know are people who have overcome.

People who have been tested by fire and emerged unconsumed —

are the people that you want to have over for dinner.

Because He Is Mine

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He said that he would rather sleep on the floor.

Recently, we had to deal with that irritation of checking into a hotel only to find that they are overbooked — the room with the two double beds that we booked, is gone. The only room that they have left has only one.

Auguste insists on sleeping on the floor so that Gussie and I will not be uncomfortable. He refuses to have it any other way.

Is it because of his kindness that I love him the way that I do?

It is.

Do I marvel at the level of his integrity?

I do.

Am I charmed again and again by his strength that can only be heard in the quiet?

I am.

And I — I would follow that man to the end of the earth.

He is why, I too –

would rather sleep on the floor.

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