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Dailies for 03.07.2006

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Dana Reeve died last night.

When I heard the news I was, at first, happy that she is free to be with her husband, Christopher Reeve. Then I was sad because I remembered that she has a teenage son.

Then I thought about:

What a legacy they have left behind for him.

Dana Reeve has been quoted as saying that

“Life isn’t fair so stop expecting it to be.”

She and Christopher Reeve lived their lives to the fullest, never feeling entitled, with a commitment to leave something behind for others. They loved each other deeply and without condition and they gave that to their son.

They leave behind a legacy of loving, giving and living, for their son –

for the world.

Dailies for 03.06.2006

Up For Grabs!

Dana @ 2:20 AM | Filed under: Podcast

“Be careful what you wish for.”

Remember that advice? Its good advice; useful advice that you probably got from your mother.

“Be careful what you wish for”, is advice that has no doubt come in handy. So, consider that you should also be careful what you “play” for.

Dailies for 03.03.2006

Time To Spring Clean

Dana @ 7:34 PM | Filed under: General

Ever feel like –

a dust bunny in the corner of the house of life?

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