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Dailies for 09.25.2006

I’d Rather Be Red Than Dead

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The word just kind of sits there, doesn’t it?

Lukewarm. It’s not cold but it’s definitely not hot either. It’s just somewhere in between and not the least bit exciting. When I think of all of the ways that I would hate to be described –

“Lukewarm” is at the top of my list….

Dailies for 09.19.2006

Recipe For Disaster

Dana @ 6:30 AM | Filed under: General

It was shocking at first and then I thought it was just plain —


It wasn’t smart business to do what they did. Infact, it was crazy.

Were my eyes perhaps deceiving me? Nope, I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing:

50% off – SHUSHI!

Two things that should never go together: SALE and SUSHI!

“I’ll take one of those and why don’t you just deliver it to me at the emergency room because that’s where I’ll be after I dine…”

Dailies for 09.18.2006

Life is Wonderful

Dana @ 2:25 AM | Filed under: Podcast

Consider that life never turns out the way that it should and, for that matter, life never turns out the way that it shouldn’t. Life turns out the way life turns out. Now what?

Dailies for 09.10.2006


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Today, I am inspired to look back and to reflect on that day in September, a day that has changed many of us forever…

Dailies for 09.04.2006

A Pig Tale

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Once upon a time–

In a meadow near the city lived a cow named Ralph.
Ralph wanted his dad to buy him a bicycle.
“But Ralph,” his dad said, “cows don’t ride bikes.”
“Not yet they don’t,” Ralph replied.

Ralph asked and asked his dad for a bike, but his dad said
no and no and no!
Finally he said, “Okay, Ralph, I’ll buy you a bike –
when pigs fly.”

So goes the story, written by Valerie Coulman, about a Cow named Ralph whose dream was to have a bike.

Ralph wants a bike more than anything only his father says “no”, which, in Ralph’s world is the equivalent of “not in this lifetime”.

“I’ll buy you a bike when pigs fly”, says Ralph’s father.

The flying Pig; that icon of impossibility.

“When pigs fly” is our way of joking that a thing could never be. “When pigs fly” is a time that will never come because…

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