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Dailies for 01.31.2007

Somethings Gotta Give

Dana @ 11:29 AM | Filed under: General

He is always there, rain or shine.

I have seen him in mittens and scarves, in t-shirts and umbrellas and back to mittens again, this quiet man who stands on the corner, patient and steadfast, passing out promotional pieces of paper to passersby.

I don’t think that he has ever missed a day.

I imagine that he has a wife and at least three kids. His wife probably doesn’t work. It just seems like he has people who love him, to go home to at the end of everyday.


Everyday he tries to hand me a flyer and everyday I shake my head –


Doesn’t he realize that I pass him two or three times a day and that if I didn’t need a flyer about cell phone discounts this morning, I don’t need one this afternoon?

The other day I took a flyer.

The other day –

it was really cold.

Dailies for 01.29.2007

Been There, Done That

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When I tell people that I am from Wisconsin they almost always say:

“Well then you should be used to the cold weather”, somehow implying that below freezing temperatures shouldn’t be a problem for me because I used to ahve to stand at the bus stop as a kid in -35 degree weather, looking like a creature who was ready to take a walk on the moon.

Doesn’t it make more sense that I no longer live in Wisconsin because that kind of cold weather is something I can really do without?

It’s 20 degrees (or something like that) today in New York so I am cold weather obsessed.

I hate it!

Dailies for 01.22.2007


Dana @ 10:44 AM | Filed under: General

It seems to be happening a lot lately.

Have you noticed?

Someone will say something publicly that they wish they hadn’t said or they will make a mistake that they wish they could undo and we, at the level of society,

refuse to forgive.

Really, are we that thin skinned?

Lately it seems that there is this automatic response to people in the “public eye” doing or saying something “politically incorrect”.

Can’t we make appropriate considerations and evaluate on a case by case basis?

When context is left out of the equation and putting things in their proper perspective is forsaken, what we are left with is dangerous, knee jerk, generic responses and punishments. It reminds me of Salem witch hunting…

Should we really be raking people over the coals mercilessly in every case just because that is what –

“we do”?

Dailies for 01.15.2007

The Way We Were

Dana @ 3:00 AM | Filed under: Podcast

I remember being five and free.

At five years old I was full of life and unaware, definitely looking to soar. I was perfect at five. Life was perfect at five.


Dailies for 01.11.2007


Dana @ 8:10 PM | Filed under: General

Sometimes people will surprise you…

Remember that doctor, the one that I wrote that letter to? (see post dated 12 – 07-06)

Well, he called me and subsequently apologized…

…not at all what I expected.

My faith in human kind has been altered.

Dailies for 01.08.2007

Winner Take All

Dana @ 1:53 AM | Filed under: Podcast

I am competitive.

I like to win and I hate to lose. When I play, I play to win and I really hate it when I lose and there is something important about that, that I have come to realize…

Dailies for 01.01.2007

You Say You Want a Revolution?

Dana @ 3:47 AM | Filed under: Podcast

Make money… Be happy… Lose weight.

Make money… Be happy… Lose weight.

The old familiar New Year’s resolutions.

We make ‘em. We break ‘em.

We have the best intentions when it comes to keeping our New Year’s resolutions, so then why is it that we never do –

– keep them?

It’s because we relate to our New Year’s Resolutions as a…

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