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Dailies for 02.27.2007

They Call Me “The Hall Monitor”

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It was the period at the end of the sentence.

While in a conversation with someone the other day, I revealed that my best friend while I was in highschool was –

Mr. Ellis –

My principal.

Upon hearing this revelation, he (the someone with whom I was speaking) implied that it –

just explained so much…

Dailies for 02.26.2007

My Super Bowl Sunday

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Best Dressed:

Reese Witherspoon


Best Speech:

Ari Sandel

Ari Sandel won for Best Film (Live Action). His film, West Bank, is essentially about Peace:

“I made a comedy musical about Israelis and Palestinians that takes place between two falafel stands in the West Bank,” he said. “It’s a movie about peace and about hope. To be able to get this award just goes to show that there are so many other people out there who support that notion that the situation between Israelis and Palestinians is not hopeless.”

When he accepted his Oscar he accepted it the honor as an acknowledgment of “the little guy” and the perseverence that it takes to be unknown and succeed anyway…

Un-Spoiled Sport

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They are all around us. Games are a big part of the lives we live everyday, and have you ever considered that our lives are made up of a series of ALL of the GAMES that we play, ALL of the time?

Think about it…

Whether you are interviewing for a new job, entering into a new partnership, making a New Year’s Resolution, extending an invitation or accepting one, saying “I do”, signing your name or shaking a hand, you are, in fact…

Dailies for 02.22.2007


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…because he’s a visionary whose time has come.

Dailies for 02.20.2007

I’m Going To Need To See Some Credentials

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I was rendered speechless during his Q&A.

Saturday night I was watching John McCain’s town meeting on C-span. At the end, he opened up the floor to question and answer and I was really concerned by, shall we say, the level of the conversation.

It was sobering.

Here’s the thing:

It is critical that we challenge what we are told and that we look beyond. We absolutely must question the information that we are given.

Who said this or that?
What is their background?
Who do they serve?

It is very dangerous for us to accept what we are told without question. It is just plain crazy to simply regurgitate someone else’s “sound bite”, and it is just plain lazy not to make it a practice to do some investigation.


This just can’t be an option, can it?

Dailies for 02.19.2007

Do You have A Dream Or Do You Have A Dream?

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Are you someone who is capable of using and enjoying more than you already have right now?

Are you developing yourself right now, to be all that you could possibly be? Are you satisfied with a little even though you know that you are capable of having and doing so much more?

Consider that if you are satisfied with just a little, you just might be missing out! Perhaps life wants to give you oh-so-much more than what you already have right now!

Dailies for 02.15.2007

The Perfect Set Up

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Annoyed, they all kept requesting to be seated at another table.

Gussie and I sat reading as we waited for our lunch to come. Every one who was seated at the table next to us would, after sitting for only a few seconds, turn to us and ask –

“Is your seat as warm as mine is?”

And they all had the same confused scowl on their faces. We would speculate with them that perhaps the bench was built on top of a radiator or something.

We started timing just how long it would take each new person who would sit down, to look over at us, ask the question and then get up and change tables in a huff. No one stayed in that seat for longer than five minutes.

Kinda brings a whole new meaning to the phrase –

“Hot cross buns”

(Which, by the way, if given a choice, I prefer over cold ones…)

Dailies for 02.12.2007

Private Party

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Take all of me or take –

nothing at all!

It has been said that one of the strongest desires that any human being has is:

The desire to be admired.

To be well thought of is one of the things that we value the most and we will do almost anything for that.

We will do almost anything to be admired even if it means compromising ourselves by pretending to be something that we are not.

Gracious yet guarded. Polite yet private. Polished and at the same time unwilling to tell the whole truth. It’s almost always about putting your best foot forward, isn’t it — no matter what? But, exactly what is that costing you?

Dailies for 02.10.2007


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It is absolutely sad and it is without a doubt a tragedy,

However –

I refuse to believe that with all of the other things going on in the world, people want to entertain, night and day, day and night, speculation about whether or not someone donated sperm to, or whether this one or that one had sex with –

Anna Nicole Smith.

I don’t want to wallow in that kind of inquiry and I don’t think that “turn the channel” has to be the only option.

Supposed credible news organizations that expect to be taken seriously, run tabloid stories over and over and over to the point of making us numb, leaving me to fantasize about what it would be like if the people who had the floor, the people with control of the mike —

didn’t always follow the path of least resistance.

What would it be like if we got our news and information from sources that weren’t so committed to dumbing it down?

I can only –


…and that’s where it all begins.

Dailies for 02.05.2007

I Call Dibs!

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A dusty treasure tucked away had my name on it!

This past weekend I found something that made my day –

A vintage set of theWinnie the Pooh series and another vintage copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms

There was this man (who looked like a collector somehow) who started fingering the books after the seller offered them to me but,

I knew they were mine and so I just waited him out calmly.

There is something special about really good books –food for the soul, fuel for the imagination…

Just the best!

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