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Dailies for 07.29.2007


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On a recent trip to the Midwest, Auguste and I had the opportunity to talk with a woman about life in her town. She talked to us about how bad the job situation is and about how much things have changed for the worse. When she shared with us that she works two jobs and still can’t afford her health insurance we asked her if she had seen the movie Sicko, which is a documentary that confronts the health care crisis in America. She immediately became defensive and let us know that she had not seen the movie and didn’t plan on seeing it because she hates Michael Moore. When I asked her if she had ever seen any of his movies or read anything that he had written she answered “No. I have not”.

It is my belief that we are in the middle of a serious crisis in this country and I am not talking about our health care system or lack thereof. We are in a crisis with regard to our lack of willingness to think for ourselves about issues that profoundly effect how we can live our lives everyday. That we are so quick to form an opinion based on marketing and manipulation; that we are unwilling to do our own investigatory work and arrive at our own critical conclusions; that we are too lazy and complacent, too otherwise occupied or distracted to deal with issues that will literally result in whether we can live well or die, is our most urgent crisis indeed.

Dailies for 07.28.2007

In Search Of The T-Shirt

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It was really kind of funny…

Gussie and I were watching Little Miss Sunshine when Gussie happened to notice (as only Gussie can), that behind Richard Hoover, who is delivering his Refuse to Lose seminar, are “The 9 Steps to Winning” on the over head projector screen — way in the background.

They 9 steps are as follows:

1. Leaving Loserhood: Finding a New Address in a Winner-Takes-All World.
2. Aspiration. Inspiration. Perspiration.
3. No Hocus Pocus. Just Focus.
4. Say “No” to the Neg Heads
5. Good Enough is Never Good Enough.
6. Trust and Be Trusted.
7. Think Big. Act Big. Be Big.
8. Reject Rejection.
9. Refuse to Lose (really it’s just a picture of a winner with his arms raised in th air like Rocky on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art).

We have since aodptetd step 4 and incorporated into our everyday lives, never passing up the opportunity to spot a neg head being negative and call him out on the carpet


Doesn’t it feel great just to say it?!

Inspired, we’ve come up with our own neg head slogans. In addition to:

1. Say “No” to the neg-heads

We’ve also now got:

2. Where there is a will – there’s also a neg head

3. Neg heads never try. Dreamers never die.

4. Q: Why did the chicken cross the road? A: He was standing next to a neg head.

(to be continued..)

Dailies for 07.23.2007

Unto Others If You’ll Do

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“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Stop and consider where you are on your personal journey in life.

Think about how you have gotten to the place where you are and consider that you are where you are and you have been able to do what you’ve done because,

of something that someone did for you somewhere along the way.

If you stop to think about it right now, you could pinpoint a time in your life; a turning point perhaps even, when someone did something that made all of the difference in the world –

to you.

Now stop to consider right now, the effect that you may have had on someone else’s life.

For someone else, something that you did made the biggest difference in the world! What you did may have even been a turning point for them. You did something for someone else that, for you, was no big deal but, for them it was –

life changing.

Dailies for 07.19.2007


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I am probably going to butcher this badly but I promise that you will get my point:

There is a joke, or something like a joke where a leader says something like —

“Oh! There go my people! Let me go and see where they are going so I know where I should lead them.”

It’s meant to be a joke but one could ask the question – is that joke today even funny?

Where people are lost and hungry and sick and hurting and dying, what they need is a leader who will lead them to a place where life can actually work. Effective servitude requires one to be free of playing it safe, pushing private agendas and serving self interests. Such behaviors don’t inspire.

Likewise, responsible citizenship requires one to stand up and say when enough is enough. Sometimes all it takes to make positive change is for one someone, anyone, to take a stand – one way or another, in spite of their fear, because they believe. That inspires.

My point is:

the joke is really not very funny.

My point is –

the stakes are very high.


Dailies for 07.10.2007


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Her self-hatred
like an arrow
aims straight at my heart


It hits the target everytime
I try to go near


If you play with fire
you will get burned

Farewell my charcoal heart

Dailies for 07.06.2007


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One of the great benefits of summer is that we all collectively give ourselves permission to take a breath, take a step back and take little time off.

Summer is the season of leisure and one of the benefits of being leisurely is that the opportunity to get RE-inspired by things that get missed when we get really busy, RE-presents itself.

If you are at all like me then sometimes you:

Miss the forest for the trees
Throw the baby out with the bath water
Forget to stop and smell the roses

(I never, however, forget to wake up and smell the coffee…).

So as the pace of life slows down for just a moment here and there, I have an inviting stack of books, magazines and articles that I am looking forward to absorbing. Even more than that, I look forward to just slowing down so I can notice what is going on around me.

I look forward to slowing down. I look forward to being -


Dailies for 07.01.2007

One For The Collection

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If you haven’t seen the movie On a Clear Day yet, you should see it.

On a Clear Day is an English movie about a shipyard worker who loses his job suddenly, after 35 years, leaving him withdrawn and resigned. His refusal to give up on his life and what it has all meant leads to his courageous decision to swim the English Channel.

I love this story about a family struggling to reconnect. But, what really makes it, now, one of my favorite movies is that it reminds me of the fact that –

It takes courage and strength to live life everyday.

Living, really living wide awake and ready to play, takes, sometimes, all you’ve got. Sometimes it will require what you didn’t even know you had.

Frank, the main character in the movie, is tempted to quit on more than one occasion while training for his swim. He is encouraged, however, by a boy who can’t walk, yet comes to the local pool to swim, with tangled legs, everyday. It takes everything this boy’s got to swim the width of the pool but he fights with everything in him, and each time he makes it to the other side of the pool he celebrates by screaming and cheering for himself. Frank watches this boy from a distance and he gains strength from his resolve.

What Frank doesn’t realize is that he too, even in his time of self-doubt, is a source of strength for others.

Frank’s friends have each, in their own way and through their own specific set of circumstances, gained confidence in themselves to triumph because of Frank’s courage and determination; because he battles to overcome. Frank’s willingness to keep digging down deep to find what he isn’t sure he’s got, to do what he isn’t sure he can, makes him a hero to the people that -

Frank doesn’t even know, are watching.

Like Frank watched that boy and like Frank’s friends were watching him, somebody is watching YOU.

Somebody is being encouraged by you because you haven’t given up. They are wondering how you do it, believing that because you do it, then they just might be able to do it, too. Somebody is watching you right now, clueless about the enormity of your struggle, unaware of the depth of your pain, and they silently root for your victory because for them, you represent hope.

Next time you think that you can’t do it, when you think that life’s unfair, try to remember that:

You are somebody’s lifeline. Somebody, somewhere has got their eye on you.

Head back to the top.