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Dailies for 11.24.2007

Basic Self Defense

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truth can
be used as
a foundation for
a mountain of lies,
and if we dig down deep
enough in the mountain of lies,
and bring out that truth, to set it
on top of the mountain of lies; the entire
mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of
that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a
structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which
the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of
the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to
reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to
follow, awakening even those
people who had no
desire to be
to the

–Delamer Duverus

The truth is our most powerful weapon and yet so often it is the weapon that we choose to ignore…

Dailies for 11.15.2007

Primitive Reponse

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I was reading this report about a study that was done recently…

It was conducted at the University of Wisconsin Primate Center back in the 1960s. They had conducted the study with baby Rhesus monkeys and their mothers. They were trying to prove that children need the love of a mother because German psychologists, at the time, were contending that children didn’t need love.

Anyway, they constructed these two pretend mothers out of wire…

They constructed one mother out of wire only, so that she would be physically cold and ugly and uninviting. But, she had the milk. The other mother was made out of wire also but they covered her in soft pillows and they gave her a pretty face. She had no milk. The baby monkeys spent only about one hour a day with the ugly cold mother only because she had the food. They spent twenty three hours a day with the comfortable mother that they could hug.

Then the scientists made the mother that the baby monkeys were drawn to — soft mother, do mean things to them like prick them hard when they leaned in for a hug. In other words, when they would try and go back to the soft mother and get the nurturing from her that they had known, they would only –

get hurt.

The thing is that:

No matter how hard that mother hurt those baby monkeys, they kept coming back for more. They kept trying to do whatever they could to gain the approval of that mother — charm her, entertain her — nothing worked.

No matter what she did to those little monkeys, they still only wanted that mother to love them back.

Dailies for 11.13.2007

Child-ish Behavior

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I listened as a father shared a simple story about his five year old daughter…

One day, after taking a big bite out of a chocolate chip cookie she exclaimed:

“This is the best thing that I have ever tasted in my life!”

After which she insisted of her dad:

“Have some!”

It’s just a little bit of a story but it made an impression on me because it prompted me to analyze the arguable difference between giving and sharing:

To share with someone is to give of an equitable portion; often times sharing will oblige us to take turns. To give is to offer or place something in the hands of someone else, which, unlike sharing, may or may not require that we make a personal sacrifice.

Learning to share was required of us all when we were growing up. By the time we were five years old we knew what it meant to offer something that we wanted, to someone else who didn’t have, and we learned pretty quickly that sharing was uniquely rewarding, even though it came with a cost.

It seems, however, that it is much more acceptable as grown ups to talk about, and to encourage giving. We do that all the time. But somehow, it also seems, that to promote sharing — to encourage that we give equitable portions to someone who may not have, or that we take turns enjoying something that somebody else isn’t — would be weird.

Do we just forget, somewhere between being a child and acting grown up, the magic of genuinely and enthusiastically enjoying the big bite that we get to take out of life, such that we are unapologetically inspired to insist that someone that we love –

Taste of what we have and –

enjoy a big bite too?

Dailies for 11.11.2007

Chew On This

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Consider that:

When you try to speak to everyone, you will actually get through to, pretty much -

no one.

It’s just not possible to speak to the masses and expect that what you have to say will make a profound difference in anybody’s world. On the other hand – when you are bold enough to disregard the possibility of being unpopular; when you are truly confident in who you are, you will speak only your truth, even if nobody appears to be listening.

We’re all hungry to experience the unique voice of those people who are willing to authentically express themselves. Trying to please everybody is like trying to stay safe walking down the middle of the road:

It is not only impossible, it is completely uninspired.

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

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I was led to consider the other day the fact that:

People seem to be much more open to accepting that there is a God, not when they have everything that they need and things are going great, and not when they have lost something that they wanted with everything in their heart, wrestling with anger, disappointment and pain.

It occurs to me that:

People tend to be much more open to the possiblility of the existence of God when faced with the threat of losing something that they want so desperately to hold on to. It is during those times that God seems to be someone that anyone is willing to talk to, like —

worth taking a chance on after everything else has failed.

Do you ever wonder why that is the way it is?

Dailies for 11.05.2007

How Low Can We Go?

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The other day –

Auguste and I saw a t-shirt that got our attention.

It read:

“I never thought that I’d miss Nixon”

Head back to the top.