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Dailies for 12.30.2007

Trade Ya

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You’d think that the world has ended when Auguste gets a sniffle.


Woman that I am, I still get up and go on when I am sick — like a trooper. Most women do. Most women, when they are sick, simply continue to do what has to be done; what they have always had to do, pressing past the fever and the chills, as if feeling well, leaving everyone under the impression that they do — feel well.

So, people just keep on expecting, completley oblivious to the fact that I’m delirious and that it takes every ounce of my strength and every Advil in the house to keep going…

I believe I’d rather have me one of those –

Man Colds.

Dailies for 12.21.2007

So Much For Shortcuts…

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Celebrated author and kinesiologist, David R. Hawkins asserts in his book, Power vs. Force, that higher levels of consciousness can serve to reprogram a person’s entire life:

Just one instant in a very high place, can completely change a person’s orientation to life as well as his goals and values…Through hard won progress on a dedicated path…this is the very mechanism of evolution…The permanent high-state experience that may be legitimately attained only through dedicated inner work, can be reached by artificial means -TEMPORARILY.

In other words, if you fail to do the real work to try and achieve your desired goal, you will eventually lose the result. Hawkins expands this thought within the context of addiction:

The balance of nature dictates that to artificially acquire that state without having earned it creates a debt, and the negative imbalance will result in negative consequences… and society pay(s) the price.

Clear that I might be making a leap and taking a liberty or two here, but I can’t help but to apply this logic to cheating in general. For instance, if I try to crash diet, rather than doing the real work to eat better and follow a disciplined workout program, can I honestly expect to maintain a genuine level of fitness? If I stoop to tell lies about the competition just so I can win, I might secure an empty victory, but can I honestly expect to reap a meaningful reward?

The balance of nature dictates that to artificially acquire that state without having earned it creates a debt, and the negative imbalance results in negative consequences.

I have always been a bit of a “hall monitor”; looking to play outside of the box, though never wanting to be the one to break important rules. And, I’ve never been a fan of playing dirty.

Cheating to produce a result scares me more than ever now…

Dailies for 12.16.2007


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How do you live a great life?

I was asked this question recently. What I said was:

“By wanting what you already have as you wait to get what it is that you want; by being grateful for everything, even the stuff that you don’t think you like and by accepting yourself the way that you are and the way that you are not” —

My answer failed to leave me inspired. The words that came out of my mouth were just noise. If I had answered the question by authentically being who I am, what I would’ve said was:

“By having the courage to show up — ANYWAY.

I know what its like to want something with all of my heart, what it seems like I will never have; to face the thing that I have feared the most and come out on the other side – whole; to get up in the morning and start all over again because I’ve got the guts to hope.

There are days when I just want to quit but I don’t and I won’t because my life is not about just me.”

How do you live a great life?

You start by telling the truth…

It is only when we dare to tell the truth that we can begin to live a life of freedom and power and a life that contributes to other people. We can only begin transforming our lives when we stop apologizing for who we are and respond to the invitation to share our real stories – the ones that are the hardest one to tell and the ones we all long to hear.

The truth will set you free, will set another person free, will set a country free, will set the world free. The conversations that reveal who we are and that communicate what we stand for, are the ones -

that make a difference.

Dailies for 12.14.2007

About Face! Forward March!

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It is becoming physically painful to hear all of the nothing that is being said, day in and day out, trying to pretend that it is actually something. It seems to have become quite fashionable for people to talk without really saying anything, to people who pretend to listen as if they are really being spoken to.

There is a pink elephant in the room.

We are living in an era that is literally crying out for a dramatic change of direction, except change is not something that just happens because we cry.

Where people are sick and hungry and hurting and dying, what they need are leaders who will acknowledge the pink elephants and stop spinning so that we can start really talking about something that people are inspired to get behind. Where people are lost, what they need are leaders who will start moving in the direction of the place where life can actually work – for everyone.

Effective leadership is about serving the people who have elected to follow, free from playing it safe, pushing private agendas and serving self interests.

Responsible citizenship requires one to stand up and say when enough is enough; to stop following that which is unworthy to lead.

Sometimes all it takes to dramatically change direction is for one someone, anyone, to take a stand – one way or another, in spite of any and all fear, simply because they believe.

That inspires.

My point is:

If the building is on fire, should we stand around and just watch it burn down?

Dailies for 12.12.2007

Things Go Better With E-N-V-Y

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Jake, our dog, is in the habit of following me every time I go to the kitchen – in hopes of getting a nibble. Usually I give him an ice cube or a baby carrot.

One thing I have noticed is that Jake always finds his treat more enjoyable if he thinks that Claude, our cat, wants his treat as much, if not more, than he does. Jake will growl at Claudie and leap at his face if he gets within even three feet of him when he’s begging for a nibble.

Yesterday I grab a carrot to give to Jake and, as if on automatic pilot, he turns to growl and leap at Claudie who is sitting across the room minding his own business. Determined to get full enjoyment, Jake grabs his carrot, prances over to where Claudie could care less, and drops the carrot right in his face. Then, Jake proceeds to tell Claudie off:

“What are you doing with my carrot?! I thought I told you to leave my treats alone!”

I am fascinated as I watched this sequence of events unfold and I can’t help but to try and search for when I’ve done that same thing – dangled a carrot in front of someone who was just minding their own business so that my treat would be more enjoyable to me.

Claudie just sits back and looks at Jake as if to suggest –

“You Jake, are that guy that nobody wants to be (around)” …

Dailies for 12.02.2007

Well Worth The Trouble

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Resolve for yourself that you will faithfully fight your way back to a place beyond your temptation to just give up and settle for —

what you don’t have to pursue.

Head back to the top.