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Dailies for 01.25.2008

Yes We Can

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I took advantage of the opportunity this past week, along with many others, to reflect upon the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

As I watched the parades and as I listened to the many admirers pay tribute to the leader of the Civil Rights Movement, I considered the man and his mission. What I have come to appreciate most about the way that MLK lived is that, he was a man who actually walked the talk, and he demonstrated the kind of judgment and character while doing it, that remains a breath of fresh air so many years after he spoke to us for the last time.

The beauty of Dr. Martin Luther King was his keen and poetic ability to inspire people to unite around an idea and to fight conventional wisdom in the process. He was intention without manipulation, conviction without compromise and purpose without pause.

MLK was power without force.

And so, today –

as we go about our daily lives, the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will probably not be mentioned again until this same time next year. But the ideals that his memory invokes are ideals that as a society, we consciously and consistently evoke.

Dailies for 01.24.2008

You Say You Want A Revolution…

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They used to call me “The Hall Monitor” when I was growing up, mostly because I had a healthy appreciation for order and fair play. There is no doubt about it, games need rules and few people would argue that socieities need laws.


Have you ever noticed that somethimes there are a lot of rules to the game, a lot of laws and regulations that exist on the books that don’t make a whole lot of sense, and that too often seem to work in the favor of a very select few?

Just because something’s legal, doesn’t make it right!


Just because we’ve been doing something a certain way, because that’s the way that “it’s always been done”, doesn’t mean that it might not be time for a -


Imagine what the world would be like if nobody ever stuck their neck out or put themeslves on the line for –


Now imagine if more people did…

Dailies for 01.22.2008

If You Know What’s Good For You…

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Step away from the doughnut!

Below is a recipe for a serious smoothy.

I mean, if you want to start the day with something really healthy that tastes really great — even though it looks a little greenish gray — this is the drink for you.

Anti-oxidant, great for circulation, filling and non-fattening — all that good stuff. But, I have to admit that the thing I love most about it is that it makes my skin look really great!

Don’t take my word for it though. Do your own research on the health benefits of *some of the key ingredients.

Anyway, here it is:

1 packet of Acai (frozen Acai berry packet)*
1 organic banana
1 organic pear
1 handful raw almonds*
1 handful goji berries*
2 tablespoons Hemp protein powder*
2 tablespoons of Hemp Oil (rich in Omega 3)*
1/2 teaspoon spirulina*
1 cup of organic apple cider

Blend in blender on high and enjoy!

Dailies for 01.21.2008

It Takes One To Know One

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I’ll bet you anything that the reason people get all choked up over something moving that somebody else said or did, is because for a brief moment —

they glimpse a bit of their best self.

Consider that the very reason that you can be swept up in a cloud of inspiration when someone else does or says the extraordinary, is the very reason that you get restless sometimes:

You are, without a doubt, something greater than yourself, just waiting to happen.

To experience the greatness of another is to be confronted by the possibility of your own – greatness. And, to witness another person basking in the glory of a dream fulfilled and humbled by the privilege, is to be awakened from an undistinguished slumber.

We only ever get magically moved or incredibly inspired because someone said or did something that resonates deeply with us at the very core of who we really are.

Greatness recognizes greatness. We are all potentially great with the profound opportunity and choice, to do something about that – or not.

Dailies for 01.14.2008

Inner Beauty

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O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain…

With its shining seas and purple mountain majesties, America is indeed a beautiful place. But, beyond the breathtaking landscape, over and above its gorgeous facade, what makes America truly beautiful is the ever expanding possibility of what America can continue to become.

In the midst of an historical and exciting political campaign season, we can seize a unique opportunity to examine our patriotism, challenge our cynicism and restore our ability to hope.

Urgency beckons and as a result, I am personally inspired to shake myself out of an apathetic slumber, fueled by cynicism and doubt. As this critical and extraordinary chapter in the history of our nation unfolds, I feel compelled to temper my resignation that would insist that “nothing” is ever going to change because “no one” is ever going to listen.

I admit that I have gone through those periods of questioning whether or not “My Country ’tis of Thee”, is in fact a land for me. I confess that sometimes America’s stand for freedom, that her quest for equal opportunity and bold contention that all are regarded equally under the laws that govern this land, seem little more than empty rhetoric at times.

And, yet -

It is in the moments when I have glimpsed with great pride, the spirit of brotherhood; the beauty of people coming together around a common cause and the determination of a nation to continue to reach -

that I am proud to be an American.


on those occasions when I have been moved to question that we are indeed the land of the free and the home of the brave -

I choose instead, to remind myself that “America” is ultimately an idea; an aspiration that resides in the hearts of its citizens. “America” is the opportunity to challenge and to agree, to question and to concede, to protest and to consent, as a result of our shared commitment to –

expand the possibility of what we can collectively continue to become.

Dailies for 01.09.2008

What If…

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I find it interesting (if not a little bit troubling), the degree to which cynicism and doubt will so easily trump the possibility of achieving something that is -

beyond great.

*It can’t because it never has
*I won’t because they never will
*He shouldn’t because doesn’t stand a chance

Some things are just not meant to be…

Because possibility lives in every conversation that we are willing to have in favor of it, and because it dies a slow and painful death in every moment that we choose to entertain the notion that something can’t be done –

I am left to wonder what in the world would be possible if cynicism and doubt were forced to take a back seat.

(If only for a little while…)

Dailies for 01.04.2008

Wake Up!

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It’s morning again, in America –

after a very long and dark night.

Dailies for 01.02.2008

Begin, again…

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The word is all around us this week – New Year, new projects, new commitments…

What would it be like, I wonder, if I determined to relate to myself as “NEW” more often? In a world where we are socialized to always look to the past to determine what the future will be – credit checks, resumes, references, gossip – it seems a bit challenging to relate to one’s self as new; as PURE POSSIBILITY.

But just imagine what that would be like?

Head back to the top.