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Dailies for 04.26.2009

History Lesson

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I wonder if people still think it was a good idea that Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon so that the country could “just move on”, and I wonder if people believe today that, as a country, we have paid a dear price for that Executive decision…

Choosing to look the other way because to do the right thing is messy, was and still is –


Dailies for 04.22.2009

Encore! Encore!

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A friend of ours turned 50 this week. To mark the special occasion he and his partner threw a big party on Saturday night; a black tie affair complete with big band, Australian pop star and heartfelt intimate toasts.

Mid way through the braised beef and drunken pear souffle, the lights unexpectedly dimmed and the big band started to play a musical introduction that signaled something extraordinary was about to happen. When the burgundy curtains parted, and as if by magic, there she was –

Liza with a “Z”!

Can I tell you what a thrill it was?! There she was in all of her Liza fabulousness – the sparkly jacket, the plush royal blue velvet pants, the trademark red lips, the signature eyelashes and that unforgettable voice.

She sang. The guests swooned. We sang along.

When she finished her performance with songs from her recent Broadway show Liza at the Palace and boldly belted out “Tell Broadway that LIZA with a “Z” is back,” she brought the house down as everyone rose to their feet.

I was really touched by that moment because, watching her, I was reminded of the kind of courage and strength that it takes to make a come back and the special blend of humility and confidence that it takes to pick yourself up, to dust yourself off and to press on when what you really want to do is just give up.

When you have fallen with “the world” watching, all you really want to do is give up…

I suspect that Liza Minnelli’s ability to touch people the way that she touched the people in that room last Saturday night, in fact comes from her willingness to be both broken and fabulous at the same time. That is what I will remember. That is what thrilled me the most.

Dailies for 04.19.2009

OMG! Lol! Brb…

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Me: Where are you going?

Gussie: I have rehearsal.

Me: Oh right…Did you finish your writing?

Gussie: No, I didn’t. I don’t know why I am so distracted lately (She wondered. As she was answering a text message. From inside the shower).

Dailies for 04.12.2009

Stop Talking, You’re Making It Worse

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The two words that you absolutely do not want to hear from someone:

*you’ve just bumped into unexpectedly

*whose name you can’t remember because you need a moment to place the face

*who you kind of want to impress because they’re impressive to you


*who you’ve just asked “Will I see you at Craig’s party?” is -

What party?

There is just no effective way to get out of that moment. None. You just have to stand there looking stupid while you keep reminding yourself that you know that you are never ever supposed to do what you just did…

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