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Dailies for 01.11.2010

Yes I Can’t

Dana @ 4:09 AM | Filed under: Podcast

I like to know ahead of time if a story has a happy ending so sometimes I cheat and fast forward to the end of the movie or I turn first, to the last page in the book. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way in real life. Try as we might, it’s impossible to know ahead of time how things will turn out in the end and we can’t…

Dailies for 01.04.2010

Say What?

Dana @ 4:18 AM | Filed under: Podcast

The horizon leans forward,
Offering you space to place new steps of change.
Here, on the pulse of this fine day
You may have the courage
To look up and out upon me, the
Rock, the River, the Tree, your country.

Her use of words is masterful and she speaks of them as things; as power and as creative. Words to her are alive and like the air that we breathe they go into the very fabric of her existence, finally inhabiting her body so that she can live.

I was lost the other day; caught up in a series of appropriate questions and concerns about living in this world and who I will become. Then, in the midst of my subsequent and predictable need for inspiration, I was grateful to have found…

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