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Dailies for 07.20.2005

Aw Honey, Your Money’s No Good Here

Dana @ 11:00 AM | Filed under: General

Recently, Gussie set up a lemonade stand in the neighborhood with one of her friends from school.

They made $64.00 in only 2 hours! Now granted, it was a hot day and they did pick a great spot —


– but I think that their little entrepreneurial spirits show real promise!

Later, as I was making dinner, I was laughing to myself remembering this episode of Roseanne:

Roseanne and Dan are struggling to get the bills paid and Roseanne has just gotten off of the phone with the electric company. She hs been informed that she has run out of time and excuses and the electricity will be shut off within a couple of hours.

Defeated, she sits at the table with Dan not sure what to do. Their son DJ, who is about 8 years old, has been listening to this whole thing:

DJ (very sweetly): Mom? I have been saving my money for something special. I have $62.00 in my piggy bank upstairs you can have.”

Roeseanne (very sweetly, back): Aw honey, no ya don’t. But thanks anyway.”


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