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Dailies for 09.26.2005

Oh, It’s Like That? O.K.

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One of my favorite places in the world is Jack’s Coffee.

Jack’s is a neighborhood cafe — ya know one of those where-everybody-knows-your-name kind of places. You are always guranteed to meet up with a neighbor or a friend. In fact everybody’s friends –

at Jack’s.

And speaking of friends, on a recent visit I walked in and spotted my friend Sandy.

- He is an older man, just shy of being elderly.
- He lives in the West Village just across the street from Jack’s.
- He has lived there for over 30 years.
- He has a home in South Florida where he spends about 3-4 months out of the year.
- He really loves it down there.
- He has a son who he is very close to.

I enjoy talking to Sandy when I see him but today, he is going as I am coming:

Me (kinda trying to be neighborly): Hi Sandy!

Him (waving graciously): How are ya?

Me (trying to respect my elder, just shy of condescending): Good, good. Hey listen, not that this is keeping you up nights or anything but, I didn’t forget to add you to my subscriber list. I just wanted to wait until I launched the new site.

Him (a bit thrown off guard): Oh O.K. (pause) What was that for again?

Me (laughing): You know my weekly Ezine. I publish it once a week. It-goes-out-every-Monday Ezine. member?

Him (pretending to remember): Oh yeah. Well I won’t “wait on pins and needles”, whatever that means.

Me (a little deflated but trying to force a laugh): Yeh. “Waiting on pins and needles” (laugh). Who makes this stuff up anyway?

Him (chuckle): Yeh.

Me (ready to end this conversation so I can move on to my mocha): O.K. then. Well alrighty. Have a great week. See ya soon. Bye.

Him (turning back as he reaches the door): What did you say that your name was again?

Me (no longer trying to save face): Exactly.

Auguste (observing this whole thing from a table across the room): So much for the “where everybody knows your name” thing, I guess.

Yep. So much for that –


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