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100 Years From Now – Kagendo Murungi

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K-a-g-e-n-d-o  M-u-r-u-n-g-i

Begedo Murungi.  Righteous.  From Kenya…


I’m turning 40 this year in December.

Where are you from:

I was born in The Republic of Kenya.

Where do you live:

I live in Brooklyn.


I am an Independent Filmmaker otherwise scrounging like the rest of the rats in the rat race trying to make a living…

100 Years ago what do you want to be remembered for:

I want to be remembered for bringing the Mau Mau to the forefront in our fight to kick out the British from our Sovereign land.


  1. Thanks Dana! Your camera is fantastic1 Thanks for REFLECTING my spirit!

    Comment by Kagendo — 5/1/2011 @ 12:50 AM

  2. LOVE this! Look at my Sis — radiant!

    Comment by Spectra — 5/1/2011 @ 8:06 AM

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