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Dailies for 10.23.2005

Inside Job

Dana @ 6:09 PM | Filed under: Podcast

“Why don’t you stop and look me over! Am I the same girl you used to know?”

A friend shared with me, not too long ago, about an operation that her husband had undergone, to correct a lifelong eye problem. While his procedure had gone well and the result was magnificent — afterward, he was still experiencing himself as “defective goods”. Even though he looked beautiful and better than ever, he was still relating to himself as if nothing on the outside had changed at all.

That’s because nothing on the inside had changed — at all.

My friend’s husband had always known himself to be — broken, it is who he had become for himself. Somewhere long ago; somewhere deep down inside of himself, he made a decision that something was wrong and that he needed to be fixed. The thing is, you can fix yourself up on the outside all you want, but until you are willing to work from the inside out, until you can identify what is really running the show –

no real difference will ever be made.


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