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Dailies for 10.25.2005

The Masquerade

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I was watching Meet the Press this morning, reflecting on the current events of this past week, when I was inspired to share these thoughts from a book that I find extremely insightful; a book that I highly recommend…

In Power vs. Force, David Hawkins writes:

To better understand the critical difference between force and power and the implications of this distinction for our own lives, it’s helpful to examine human endeavor on a larger scale. The interactions of men and governments provide many clear illustrations…

One characteristic of force is arrogance; power is characterized by humility. Force is pompous; it has all the answers. Power is unassuming….

Force often relies upon rhetoric, propaganda, and specious argument to garner support and disguise underlying motivations. One characteristic of truth, though, is that it needs no defense; it is self-evident. That “all men are created equal” requires no justification or rhetorical persuasion. That it’s wrong to gas people to death in concentration camps is self-evident; it requires no argument. The principles that true power is based upon never require vindication, as force inevitably does…

“It is clear that power is associated with that which supports life, and force is associated with that which exploits life for the gain of an individual or an organization. Force is divisive and, through that divisiveness, weakens, whereas power unifies. Force polarizes. The jingoism that has such obvious appeal to a militaristic nation, just as obviously alienates the rest of the world.

Power attracts. Force repels.

Because Power unifies, it has no true enemies. Power serves others, whereas force is self serving. True statesmen serve the people; politicians exploit people to serve their own ambitions.
Statesmen sacrifice themselves.

Power appeals to our higher nature, force to our lower nature.

Force is limited, whereas power is unlimited.”

What a timely thing to consider.


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