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The Possibilities Are Endless

Dana @ 11:28 PM | Filed under: General

Giraffes only need 2 1/2 hours of sleep everyday.

The New York Times reported that last week.

Wow. Just imagine how much more work you could get done…


  1. You can defintely tell people who work for a living. That was the first thing I thought about when I read the 2.5 hours of sleep thing. I was totally thinking, how I could always be caught up at work!

    Comment by K.D. Carter — 11/14/2005 @ 1:44 AM

  2. This is true, but then…why couldn’t you use that time to do things like…be with your family…or putz around the house?

    Not sure work should always be first.

    Comment by Ayannali — 11/18/2005 @ 9:44 AM

  3. I think that this blog was meant to funny instead of taken seriously. Work would be the joke, but so much more then work is included. Things can be literal but not everything is so restricted.

    Comment by Anonymous — 11/19/2005 @ 6:12 PM

  4. :)

    Comment by me-g — 11/19/2005 @ 6:13 PM

  5. :-D

    Comment by me-g — 11/19/2005 @ 6:13 PM

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