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Dailies for 11.14.2005

Free At Last

Dana @ 1:52 AM | Filed under: Podcast

Isn’t it just the best when you meet someone for the first time and you make a connection?

You know how that is — when you first meet someone and you really hit it off. You like them. They “LOVE” you! You are even sure that, depending on the specifics, this is the kind of person who could be:

a great friend or advisor a smart business partner or mentor a romantic love or life partner

This is someone who could contribute greatly to your life and what you want. You glimpse the possibility of what could be:

Fun Success Romance

If you got to know this person better. Only,

you’re not going to let that happen because –

you have no intention whatsoever of letting them get too close!

You admire them. They “LOVE” you, and you know that if you let them spend too much time talking with them in; if you let them really get to know the real you, they might find out who you think you really are.

Isn’t it great when you meet someone for the first time and you make a real connection; second and third time is great too. But it’s right around that fourth or fifth time that you’ve started to convince yourself that if you let them in any further, if they get to know you any better then they do right now, that would be the end of what you imagine could have been. Maybe it’s best to just keep them at arms length and preserve the fact that they think you’re great — RIGHT NOW.

But consider that:

To be happy is to be connected with people. To be connected with people you have to be willing to be who you really are.


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