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Dailies for 12.12.2005

Inspiring People

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Each week I sit and talk with inspiring people doing inspiring things.

Enjoy an excerpt from my conversation with world famous fashion designer, Narciso Rodriguez:

NR: …the craft is the thing that I devote the most time to and it’s also the thing that gives me the most pleasure and gives the most back to me. Many people have said that to me that they like that I am evolving the craft and, how I have evolved over the many years that I have been working. Those are really fulfilling things, I mean much more than the nonsense of press and pictures and the bullshit glamour…

Can I say “bullshit”?

DR: Yes you can. You can say whatever you like.

NR: Well no, ya know it’s just so much a core belief of what my work is – the things that are real and honest and good and you really believe in and other people believe in. That to me is worthwhile. That to me is exciting.

And then there is the bullshit; the loud fashion. And it’s not just fashion it’s politics today, its television today. I call it faux reality because you can go to a fashion show and be bedazzled, but there are no clothes on the runway. They don’t inspire women to want to dress up. They just put on shows for press; promotion. That’s not what I do. I am not interested in doing that – never have been. I think that it’s a reflection of our culture too, and the world today —

“Get out there!”

Click here to read my entire interview with Narciso

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