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Dailies for 12.12.2005

I’d Rather Be Red Than Dead

Dana @ 12:17 PM | Filed under: Podcast


The word just kind of sits there, doesn’t it?

Lukewarm. It’s not cold but it’s definitely not hot either. It’s just somewhere in between and not the least bit exciting. When I think of all of the ways that I would hate to be described –

“Lukewarm” is at the top of my list.

Recently, Kanye West shared with Oprah that:

“if life is in color, then I am playing in RED!”

Now that, that is HOT. There is nothing lukewarm about that.

Lukewarm, the temperature, is about 105 degrees, and while HOT is 211, the difference between hot and boiling to the point of making steam is –

just one degree.


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