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All’s Well

Dana @ 10:14 PM | Filed under: General

Just a few basic things.

This is what I have come to realize — in life, aside from the ones that you love, you really only need the following:

A white t-shirt
A grey t-shirt
A good pair Levis (premium)
A toothbrush and toothpaste
A cute scarf
A really cute coat
A pair of Chuck Taylor’s
A tube of clear lip gloss


A bottle of benzoyl peroxcide gel

That’s it.

That’s all you need…

Oh yeah,

An iPhone and a laptop


  1. being a guy i have to remove all references to cute. being a tech person i’ll replace lip gloss with laptop. and as a final personal choice, replace peroxcide gel with jack daniels. now that sounds like a winning list to me

    Comment by eric — 12/21/2005 @ 12:02 AM

  2. What about food though? :(

    Comment by Ralph — 12/22/2005 @ 4:12 AM

  3. underwear might be nice

    Comment by john — 12/23/2005 @ 6:32 PM

  4. What about sanity?

    Comment by staci cain — 12/23/2005 @ 7:50 PM

  5. Wouldn’t be my list – but good for you!

    Nice to meet you!

    Comment by Monkey — 12/26/2005 @ 11:09 PM

  6. alcohol? sex? friendship?

    I would trade 1 shirt for all of the above… the Levi’s too. :O)

    Comment by Gambling Man — 12/27/2005 @ 4:36 PM

  7. Also a comfortable pair of small gold hoop earrings… The kind you can wear forever and hardly notice they’re in.

    Comment by Patti — 12/28/2005 @ 10:08 AM

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  9. I need sandels, a body board snowboard and a pair of pearl earring along with a necklace by late grandmother gave me. Other than that I’m good to go.

    Comment by cooper — 12/29/2005 @ 4:35 PM

  10. You forgot doughnuts. I’m happy to remind you. :)

    Comment by JustLinda — 1/1/2006 @ 12:20 AM

  11. Hey, it sounds good to me!

    Comment by Jeannie — 1/1/2006 @ 11:27 AM

  12. Lots of white t-shirts (no gray required), good comfortable jeans, cotton underwear (enough said), gucci loafers (comfort), a good black jacket, coffee, water and plantain chips and Cruzan Rum with coke on the weekends.

    Comment by barbara — 1/1/2006 @ 12:20 PM

  13. I need Jesus too

    Comment by Randy — 1/2/2006 @ 10:06 PM

  14. You go girl! Love the attitude and the simplicity of some of life’s most pleasurable necessities.

    I have got to have my lip gloss at all times!


    Comment by Melissa — 1/11/2006 @ 10:41 AM

  15. Ah,c’mon, at least one piece of jewelry and a good book! Cluny

    Comment by Cluny Grey — 1/13/2006 @ 4:22 AM

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