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Dailies for 01.30.2006

Do They Make Jimmy Choos In That Size?

Dana @ 12:13 PM | Filed under: General

It started out as a fad but now it is an entire industry:

the dogs in New York are wearing clothes; entire outfits.

They’re wearing sweaters and shoes — the whole nine yards! I am expecting to see a poodle in dog earrings any day now.

This morning, as I was coming from Starbuck’s, I saw a dog, a boxer, wearing the cutest green hoodie. I had to get a grip because my automatic reaction was to ask him where he got it.

As I passed him by he looked at me — and I am not kidding — like he was gloating about his cute green hoodie sweatshirt. He was being smug because he could tell that I liked it.

You know I need to get a life…


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