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Few Are Chosen

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I am intrigued with the way of the Samurai warrior.

I remain intrigued with the way of the Samurai warrior because of a tradition that is characteristic of their way of life.

The Samurai warrior is recognized for his practice of being willing to:

“die before going into battle”.


Before any battle, the Samurai Warrior will resolve for himself the possibility of his own death. He is therefore able to engage in the battle with the freedom to risk everything because he is not afraid. He is able to fight with complete abandon — no compromise, no hesitation, no flinching, no holding back.

No doubt that the objective of the Samurai is, ultimately, to win. But he is clear that in order to do that he must be willing to lose; even his life. So he is. He is willing to lose, even his life, for the possibility of something more than mere survival.

He is willing to give up his life so that he can, in fact, LIVE!

My 11 year old daughter, Gussie, shared with me recently, something that she was really struggling with.

Several of her classmates at school were repeatedly making fun of and teasing another one of their classmates. This was not O.K. with Gussie and so she told her friends that making fun of someone was not a very nice thing to do. In the nicest way that she knew how, she asked them to consider how they would feel if they were the ones being made fun of. Nobody answered. They all just kind of went silent. And then, Gussie just kind of panicked. Later, she came to me in tears, fearing that she had alienated her friends and that if she stuck to her guns she would risk losing those friends.

“What if I end up with no friends?” is what she said to me.

“What if you do — end up with no friends?” was my response.

And you?

Perhaps what YOU are standing for is worth…

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