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Curiousity Is The Best Soul Food

Dana @ 11:40 AM | Filed under: General

Last week I went to the market to get my usual Muffin for “The Muffin”.

I asked for my ususal whole wheat bagels (for breakfast) and blueberry muffins (for after-school snack). As I was about to walk away from the counter, I saw a tray of beautiful baklava — golden and dripping with honey. I asked the girl that had been helping me (she is ususally the one who helps me — reluctantly) if she had tried the baklava, you know,

“Are they any good?”

She truned her nose up — maybe at me for asking what she thought was a crazy question or maybe at the baklava which she thought was just crazy — and she said:

“Naw! I don’t eat nothin’ my Mama didn’t make me. If my Mama didn’t make it, I don’t eat it!”

“O.K.”, I thought. “Wow.”

I asked for four pieces of that baklava and I was on my way.

That was a week ago that she said that.

This morning –

it still bothers me.


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