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Dailies for 03.27.2006

Faux Fear

Dana @ 2:48 AM | Filed under: Podcast

One thing that we live with everyday, like it or not, is –


Fear is something that few of us have trained ourselves to live without. It wakes us up in the morning and it goes to bed with us at night. Of the many things that scare us — physical violence, death, being separated from people we love, losing control, failure, rejection, losing our job, looking bad or making a mistake — few are even really real. There are actually two kinds of fear, as far as I know: the authentic real and useful fear that we experience when we are afraid of something that can actually harm us, and the other kind; the inauthentic fraudulent kind, otherwise known as:

The counterfeit kind of fear.

What are we so afraid of? And, is the thing that we are really so afraid of, really even real?


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