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Dailies for 05.09.2006

Pigs Are People Too!

Dana @ 11:16 AM | Filed under: General

She literally sounded like a pig.

I’m sure that it was allergies and I have compassion for, and sympathize with, those who suffer from Hay Fever. I am not totally heart-less. But, I have to say that I have never had anyone sitting right next to me, freel-y honking and snorting like a cast member of Charlotte’s Web.

It gets to a point where I can not take it anymore so I leaned over to whisper about it in Gussie’s ear. Now Gussie was so engrossed in her book that I guess, although I don’t know how, she was missing this Metropolitan Diary moment.

“Can you believe this woman next to me? Doesn’t she realize that she is in public? ?” I complained.

She answered:

“Mom. Will you stop? I am trying to read…”

Latley she has been seeming a bit more mature –


I suspect that now she is just using me to take her to school in the morning…

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