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Dailies for 05.22.2006

Where Do I Get My Gold Star?

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Friday, I was having a soy-mocha-extra-mocha-with-whip at a favorite neighborhood café, while I was waiting for Gussie to finish a ballet rehearsal. Joe, an Italian gentleman, who served in WWII and always has the best stories, invited me to sit with him so that we could read together and chat in between. Two other people that Joe knows well, sat down next to us and we were all kind of chatting, reading and having “un café”.

For fun, Joe asks us to complete the following Aristotle quote:

“Everything in moderation except for __________.”

He warned us that nobody he had been asking to “fill in the blank” had been able to do so. His friends, one table over, guessed –

Love? No. Laughter? Nope. Peace? Wrong.

Joe smiled as if he had us just where he wanted us and confessed:

“Everything in moderation except for –


“Ohhhh!” we all chimed at the same time. How could we have missed that one? Of course – KNOWLEDGE.

I thought for a moment and then I asserted that I could one up Aristotle himself. Polite, but skeptical, they all indulged me in my claim:

“Everything in moderation except for –


Curiosity is never something that you can have too much of.

Maybe it’s just me but,

I believed that I have just “one-upped” old Aristotle himself.


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