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Dailies for 07.26.2006

So, Sue Me!

Dana @ 8:58 PM | Filed under: General

Basically what she was calling me was a hypocrite — I think.

The other day I was having a salad that just happened to have an innocent sliver of steak on it — like a little tenderloin. As she watchs me put fork to plate and then to mouth, Gussie blames me for being the source of her mass confusion:

“One minute it’s O.K. to eat meat and the next minute it’s not.”

She complains. And then she continues:

“The other day someone asked me if I wanted a burger and I didn’t know what to say because of all this back and forth…”

As I try to listen to her, beyond her righteous indignation, I am trying to remember Why I miss her when she’s gone.


“Mom! I have got all of this meat running around in my head and it’s all your fault!”

Of all of the things that I imagined that I would be accused of as a mother, I promise you that this was never one of them…

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