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A Pig Tale

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Once upon a time–

In a meadow near the city lived a cow named Ralph.
Ralph wanted his dad to buy him a bicycle.
“But Ralph,” his dad said, “cows don’t ride bikes.”
“Not yet they don’t,” Ralph replied.

Ralph asked and asked his dad for a bike, but his dad said
no and no and no!
Finally he said, “Okay, Ralph, I’ll buy you a bike –
when pigs fly.”

So goes the story, written by Valerie Coulman, about a Cow named Ralph whose dream was to have a bike.

Ralph wants a bike more than anything only his father says “no”, which, in Ralph’s world is the equivalent of “not in this lifetime”.

“I’ll buy you a bike when pigs fly”, says Ralph’s father.

The flying Pig; that icon of impossibility.

“When pigs fly” is our way of joking that a thing could never be. “When pigs fly” is a time that will never come because…


  1. Ohhhh I thought at the first glance when I read this story, you really mean my life. This is a very touching short story, as how my life gives cool my mind.
    If you r interested to read a short portion of my life, then go follows. Here I’m the Above Cow, RALPH.
    When I was in my childhood, my dream was to direct an English movie. I always dreamed about that, and ask helps to my (middle class) family for this (my brother was doing little film work then). But they don’t listen up. I tried, tried and tried long… tried again, do the same…
    In mean while I got first prize for my short story, and poems in school level competition (I was not at all bright student then). My parents and brother became happy, and asked for my wish. Then I just repeated my words as same as the ABOVE COW said, “I want to become an English Film Director”. They laughed…but I didn’t fed up. I said them what ever happed, I will go for the aim till my last breath. Then My family offered a ‘Scheme’, if I got first place in my classroom in my higher secondary exam they will help me to become my dream true (they know that I can’t reach it as I’m weak in my studies, and I had only 50% mark in my last school matriculation exam). Then onwards my effort was for become the class first. I studied, studied only in night, because I don’t wanted to make aware my family about my effort, I worried about the exam result.
    I was put myself towards the aim. I give up my night sleep, and studied. Finally the exam day came. Everybody where busy, but I was not. I engaged in the world of poems, short stories. Through this time I got First prize in Clay modeling competition in the district higher secondary level. Before going to the exam, my school arranged a function for give awards to the best ‘OUT GOING STUDENT’ of that year. The best out going girl student was my best friend, and she received the award before the large student assembly. When the announcement of the Best Out Going Boy Student’s name announced, I surprised. It was my name. I don’t know y they selected me, I had nothing without my art, and dreams. One of teacher told me that I can become first in my studies too, but I ignored his words.
    Finally exam begins, and I wrote it. I was sure that my girl friend would get the top score for the school, because she is really amazing.
    The results came, I got result from Internet, I realized that I have good marks. And I searched for my friend’s mark list. the shop girl asked a ‘treat’ for my result. I asked ‘y’.

    She answered: “You are the SCHOOL FIRST”

    I stuked, my heart stopped, and whispered, “What god made”
    I said the shop girl to search for my Girl friend’s mark. Unfortunately she got only three marks less than me, and only become school second. I was sad about her result…I don’t know y god this to her (not yet I don’t know)

    I became School First instead of Class first (The pigs fly).
    And yet I directed some good Malayalam Short films, and more than 20 documentary films with my own efforts.
    But Still the dream about “BICYCLE” (to direct an English film) away from me. But I will try, try and try…till my last breath…
    For “THE BICYCLE” I’m ready to give wings even to the elephants. But what God’s script for my future, I don’t know…I will try, try and try…till my last breath…

    “Let all the pigs to fly, and let the dad to give a bicycle to RALPH”

    Comment by Anilkumar — 9/16/2006 @ 1:07 AM

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