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I’m Going To Need To See Some Credentials

Dana @ 1:32 PM | Filed under: General

I was rendered speechless during his Q&A.

Saturday night I was watching John McCain’s town meeting on C-span. At the end, he opened up the floor to question and answer and I was really concerned by, shall we say, the level of the conversation.

It was sobering.

Here’s the thing:

It is critical that we challenge what we are told and that we look beyond. We absolutely must question the information that we are given.

Who said this or that?
What is their background?
Who do they serve?

It is very dangerous for us to accept what we are told without question. It is just plain crazy to simply regurgitate someone else’s “sound bite”, and it is just plain lazy not to make it a practice to do some investigation.


This just can’t be an option, can it?


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