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Dailies for 07.19.2007


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I am probably going to butcher this badly but I promise that you will get my point:

There is a joke, or something like a joke where a leader says something like —

“Oh! There go my people! Let me go and see where they are going so I know where I should lead them.”

It’s meant to be a joke but one could ask the question – is that joke today even funny?

Where people are lost and hungry and sick and hurting and dying, what they need is a leader who will lead them to a place where life can actually work. Effective servitude requires one to be free of playing it safe, pushing private agendas and serving self interests. Such behaviors don’t inspire.

Likewise, responsible citizenship requires one to stand up and say when enough is enough. Sometimes all it takes to make positive change is for one someone, anyone, to take a stand – one way or another, in spite of their fear, because they believe. That inspires.

My point is:

the joke is really not very funny.

My point is –

the stakes are very high.



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