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Stating The Obvious

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Blessed Unrest is a critically acclaimed book written by Paul Hawken. It is “the story of what is going right in this world, an account of how people use imagination, conviction, and resilience to perform daily miracles…”

In reading Blessed Unrest, I was fascinated by a particular thought the author introduced:

Hawken describes a remarkable and unprecedented phenomenon as a movement that hasn’t really been talked about all that much. He suggests that where there is no prior, obvious reference for something; where there is no obvious outgrowth of any particular ideology, people will treat it as if it almost doesn’t exist -

When I am discussing the movement with academics or friends in the media the first question they pose is usually the same: If it is so large, why isn’t this movement more visible? By that they mean, why isn’t it more visible to news media especially TV? Although global in its scope, the movement generally remains unseen until it gathers to take part in demonstrations, whether in London, Prague or New York…

The movement doesn’t fit neatly into any category in modern society, and what can’t be visualized can’t be named. In business, what isn’t measured isn’t managed; in the media, what isn’t visible isn’t reported…

For most people, to understand something new requires a cognitive antecedent.

I started thinking and then taking inventory of ideologies that are now considered a major part of our culture, where once they were dismissed and initially ridiculed because they were revolutionary for their set time -The Industrial Revolution, Women’s Suffrage, Civil Rights, “Going Green”.

I have always been reluctant to rely on mainstream conversation to dictate for me what is or isn’t real; what can or can not be. Whether or not everybody is talking about something yet, may or may not have anything to do with how that something will ultimately shape our future conversations…

Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there…


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