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Dailies for 12.14.2007

About Face! Forward March!

Dana @ 7:40 PM | Filed under: General

It is becoming physically painful to hear all of the nothing that is being said, day in and day out, trying to pretend that it is actually something. It seems to have become quite fashionable for people to talk without really saying anything, to people who pretend to listen as if they are really being spoken to.

There is a pink elephant in the room.

We are living in an era that is literally crying out for a dramatic change of direction, except change is not something that just happens because we cry.

Where people are sick and hungry and hurting and dying, what they need are leaders who will acknowledge the pink elephants and stop spinning so that we can start really talking about something that people are inspired to get behind. Where people are lost, what they need are leaders who will start moving in the direction of the place where life can actually work – for everyone.

Effective leadership is about serving the people who have elected to follow, free from playing it safe, pushing private agendas and serving self interests.

Responsible citizenship requires one to stand up and say when enough is enough; to stop following that which is unworthy to lead.

Sometimes all it takes to dramatically change direction is for one someone, anyone, to take a stand – one way or another, in spite of any and all fear, simply because they believe.

That inspires.

My point is:

If the building is on fire, should we stand around and just watch it burn down?


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