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Dailies for 01.24.2008

You Say You Want A Revolution…

Dana @ 11:49 AM | Filed under: General

They used to call me “The Hall Monitor” when I was growing up, mostly because I had a healthy appreciation for order and fair play. There is no doubt about it, games need rules and few people would argue that socieities need laws.


Have you ever noticed that somethimes there are a lot of rules to the game, a lot of laws and regulations that exist on the books that don’t make a whole lot of sense, and that too often seem to work in the favor of a very select few?

Just because something’s legal, doesn’t make it right!


Just because we’ve been doing something a certain way, because that’s the way that “it’s always been done”, doesn’t mean that it might not be time for a -


Imagine what the world would be like if nobody ever stuck their neck out or put themeslves on the line for –


Now imagine if more people did…


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