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Separate But Equal

Dana @ 6:53 PM | Filed under: General

I honestly think that as we move into the Jetson age, we should have moving sidewalks in New York City.

I propose tht these moving sidewalks be modeled after those sidewalks in airports. You know how there is the “Walk” lane and the “Stand” lane? Except, in NYC, I think that they should have a

“Fast” lane — for people like me who regularly sprint in high heels, who get phobic if they can’t sprint to the subway train, and who are ready to blow a gasket if someone stops to hold a conversation right dab smack in the middle of a sidewalk.

And a

“Slow” lane — for everybody else.

I was born with the fast walker gene so I can’t stand to manuever around and navigate through the normal walkers or the slow pokey pokes, as I call them. I could probably add about 24 hours worth of productivity to my year if I didn’t have to dart in and out and of the crowds and constantly slow down to a jog while people just kind of take their time.

I could add another gazillion hours of productivity to my entire life if Auguste wasn’t KING of the slow pokey poke walkers!


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