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Not Like The Soap Opera Kind, Either

Dana @ 10:27 AM | Filed under: General

I was talking to a friend yesterday. She’s dating after not having dated for awhile.

We ended up talking about how critical being SEXY is to being attractive.

I mean:

Can you really be attractive if you are not SEXY?

Then we started talking about:

What SEXY is — really.

SEXY begins with being interested. If you are not interested, really interested in someone else, I’ve got news for you:

You are not SEXY!

Being interested makes you interesting. Being interested is SEXY!

Show me a person who is not SEXY and I’ll show you a person who is not authentically committed to being connected to other people and what they think or want.

Show me a person who is undeniably SEXY and I’ll show you a person who is

Alive and living!!!


  1. I’m interested in people and other things…and people are interested in me, I’m sexy…woohooo!!

    Comment by Sherls — 5/12/2005 @ 12:10 PM

  2. Simply superb … surprisingly true indeed !

    Comment by Sharaf — 5/17/2005 @ 3:38 AM

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