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That’s What You Get For Being So Presumptuous

Dana @ 10:55 AM | Filed under: General

Auguste and I have a standing coffee date every week at Jack’s Coffee in Greenwich Village.

I pick Gussie up afterschool and then I drop her off for her Ballet lesson at the Joffrey Ballet School and then Auguste and I get to talk, uninterrupted for an hour and a half.

Yesterday was such a warm sunny day, (which has been a rare thing in New York City this Spring) that we decided to have our coffee on Jack’s bench. It’s a cute little bench that Jack has surrounded with this cute little mini city garden — as much of a garden as you can have in front of a West 10th Street cafe.

Note: We love Jack’s. It’s one of those “where everybody knows your name” places.

Anyway, we settle in for our date with an apricot raspberry muffin and a bright red habiscus iced tea (this tea is a great accessory for sitting on a bench in the sun), when this pigeon emerges like he’s missing something. Seriously, he’s in a little bit of a hurry, as if some party has started without him. (By the way, this is the quickest way for a pigeon to get on my bad side). This nervy bird then proceeds to keep hanging around us on our “date bench” as if we were somehow obliged to give him some of our “date muffin”.

“Dude, it’s not often that we have an opportunity to share a complete thought or even finish an entire sentence without being interrupted. So, you and your pecking and bobbing and begging at our ankles just won’t do. Beat it! Besides, I don’t believe in rewarding or encouraging bad manners and rude behavior in birds. Get a life!”

He finally leaves and we sit enjoying the sun and our uninterrupted conversation.

After awhile, Jack comes down from his apartment upstairs with his bike and asks “how’s the date goin’ “?

“As a matter of fact — good”, and we realize it’s almost time to go and get Gussie.

Auguste looks around for a place to put our Muffin plate while we pack up, and he notices a perfect spot on the garden ledge. Just as he starts to put the plate on the ledge, something stops him. I look at him curiously as I simultaneosuly figure it out:


He nods.

Then we eat up every last crumb.


  1. Okay – Jack’s looks too cool! I want to go there with you when we visit NYC! :)

    Comment by Janece Moment — 5/14/2005 @ 6:57 PM

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