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Dailies for 05.19.2005

Sometimes Nature Calls For Drastic Measures!

Dana @ 9:46 PM | Filed under: General

I have recently realized that almost all of the conversations that go on in my head start out as –


It’s very noisy in my head.

Fortunately, I have learned to control those noisy complaints which, in all honesty has made life a little bit more pleasant.

Today, for instance, I was wondering for the millionth time why cashiers in New York City insist on counting and recounting your change before they give it to you. Don’t they know that time is money and by the time they have counted and recounted, well

“Keep the change because who knows how much time I’m losing here!!!”

Then they always, as if they expect the result to be different, count the change one more time as they’re putting it into your hand.

Well today, instead of letting the complaint show up all over my face, this time I smiled at the clerk very nicely and then –

she let me use the EMPLOYEES ONLY rest room.


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