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If I Didn’t Care, I’d Be Home Watching Nick And Jessica

Dana @ 10:41 AM | Filed under: General

All I wanted was,

to steal a moment on Monday. Is that too much to ask? Just ONE MOMENT, on Monday, to call my very own!

This was not to be.

It all started on Sunday.

6:00 AM – Got up early to try and finish my weekly email newsletter message.
Noon – Took a brunch break. ( Auguste and Gussie and I, met our friend Joanne at one of our favorite places, Palacinka. The crepes there are unbelievable! Even better than the ones you buy from the vendor carts in Paris).
3:00 PM - Arrive back at home.
3:30 PM - Sit at computer for 8 miserable hours and 20 agonizing minutes wrestling with writers block.
11:20 PM – Go to bed.
Midnight – Awakened by Auguste. (briefing me on Matt’s Surprise Birthday Party which I missed because everything that I was writing was lame.)

That brings me to Monday.

6:00 AM - Rise and shine. Work work work.
3:00 PM – Pick Gussie up from school.
5:00 PM – Take Gussie back to school for String Jamboree Concert
6:00 PM – Sting Jamboree Concert.
7:30 PM – Concert over. Get talked into pizza party at Monty’s because “everyone else is going, Mom”.
8:15 PM – Leave Monty’s and head for farewell party for Barbara and Monica.
9:00 PM – Arrive back at home too tired to care. Fix snacks, light housekeeping…

Bottom line:

It is now Tuesday! I am still stuck back at Monday looking for that ONE MOMENT!

I’ve really got to get a grip (and then maybe I could finally “get a life”).


  1. I happen to know where there’s a smiling Moment right now… ;)

    Hang in there! As you know, your life is packed to the brim with all good stuff!

    Comment by Janece Moment — 5/24/2005 @ 4:23 PM

  2. Hmm. Sounds like my life for the past couple of years, minus the fun party/concert/pizza stuff. Congrats on pushing through the gut-wrenching writers block. It may be a brown furry beastie, but it obviously doesn’t know who it’s up against… :)

    Comment by Paul Moment — 5/25/2005 @ 1:37 AM

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