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Gym-Press Me!

Dana @ 8:14 PM | Filed under: General

There’s this whole weird subculture at “the gym”!

Have you ever noticed that?

Yesterday, I arrived a touch early to step class. I always arrive just a little early becuase it drives me nuts when someone takes my spot! I really hate that! It totally goes against gym ettiquette.

So anyway, yesterday this guy Dan comes in early too. He is a regular in the class and is always flying in late like he’s really mega important so he can show off his expensive suit — like “Notice me! Notice me! I’m in an expensive suit!”.

Yeah yeah, relax. We see you O.K. And besides, didn’t your Mom ever tell you that it’s far more impressive to be cool and don’t act at all like you think you’re as much as you want everyone else to think that you are?

Furthermore, hasn’t anyone ever told you that none of that “stuff” makes any difference at “the gym”? !!!!!

Whatever title you may or may not have , whoever you might think that you are in “the real world” is IRRELEVANT at “the gym”, O.K.? “The gym” is one of the last places on earth where people like me can put people like you in there place for acting so high and mighty all of the time. Once you step across that threshold, once you trade in your civilian attire for a pair of shorts and skimpy tee — Well, it’s a whole ‘nother game. The only thing that matters at “the gym” is whether or not

you can hang.

Anyway, Dan arrives early yesterday and starts telling the instructor that his LOVAH will no longer be taking the class because he is tired of Dan showing him up! Give me a break! You’re more full of yourself than I had originally thought.

But, herein lies my problem with this guy:

His leg kicks and his arabesque moves are way better than mine! And when we “mambo-cha-cha-cha”, I am secretly watching him out of the corner of my eye so that I can figure out how he makes it look so easy! He sweats like a pig and he looks great doing it!

He can, in fact, HANG!! I hate that!

The nerve of this guy. Look, you don’t get to be all that in here if you think you’re all that out there! You don’t get to rule in both arenas! It totally goes against gym ettiquette!

There’s this whole weird subculture at “the gym”!

Have you never noticed that?


  1. I agree with your comments, but unfortunately.
    The Gym Today is the pickup spot – look at me look at me.
    I am 42 years old and it is strictly about my health.

    Comment by tony renee smith — 6/1/2005 @ 9:52 PM

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