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Dailies for 05.26.2005

Who Knew?

Dana @ 5:57 PM | Filed under: General

I can no longer participate in, what I consider to be, one of the biggest tragedies of American culture today –

The Evening News.

When did it become story after story of nothing but rape, murder, heartbreak and death?

Could ya’ sprinkle a little optimism into your depression stew; possibly offer something a little more uplifting every now and then? Pretty please, ALREADY!!???

Anyway, I am addictied to television, therefore, I have no intention of turning it off entirely EVER! I would nonetheless, prefer my mindless chatter not involve someone getting bludgeoned to death.

My compromise?

TRL — otherwise known as Total Request Live on MTV! It’s my 5:00 PM alternative to wallowing in misery with Chuck and Sue on WNBC .

Best part is I have become a little more hip in the process (saying “more hip” has probably just set me back though. Phat, maybe?). My favorite video and song: Holla Back by Gwen Stefani– luv her!

I have just kind of seemlessly joined the MTV generation and I’m not goin’ back!

“Off da’ hook”!!!!!
(See. I told you. Pretty HIP… I mean uh, Phat right?)


  1. I love Gwen too. Something about her energy is awesome. I’ve only seen the Holla Back video once… but I was addicted to Rich Girl for a while. I couldn’t get that song out of my head.

    And I must say, I’m with you! I’d much rather watch TRL (if I had TV) than the evening news anyday! :)

    Comment by Janece Moment — 5/27/2005 @ 10:31 AM

  2. I won’t even watch the news anymore! I check online once or twice a day for the headlines but quickly pass over the gory news. I refuse to fill my brain with so much tragedy and sadness. I choose to believe there is still more good than bad in the world and I am focusing and filling my mind with positives. Is it time to write to the networks requesting a “good new” alternative??

    Comment by Nancy — 5/30/2005 @ 8:44 AM

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