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Dailies for 12.13.2010

Handle With Care

Dana @ 1:36 AM | Filed under: Podcast

It is not uncommon these days, to pick up a newspaper or turn on the T.V. and find out about a courageously inspiring good deed. An ordinary man or woman, who will choose, in an impulsive moment of self abandon, to forsake their own self interest in exchange for the opportunity to help another person in their moment of need, will capture our attention and captivate our sensibilities each and every time.

The guy who jumps on the subway train tracks, sacrificing his body as a human shield in hopes of saving the kid having an epileptic attack, the woman who jumps in the river, forgetting that she never learned how to swim, to try and save the family trapped in their car, are the kind of examples of altruism that seduce us and oblige us to ordain someone a hero. But, does a truly generous act of heroism, require anything more than the simple, compassionate act of temporarily suspending our own particular needs or wants, so that we may recognize that their might in fact be someone, in a singular, yet ordinary moment in time, reaching out with hope, that someone like you or me might be willing to reach back?

It was about 10:00 PM when we finally heard the doorbell ring…


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