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100 Years From Now Featured Guest – Tara Bracco

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Tara Bracco


35 years old

Where are you from:

Long Island, New York

Where do you live:

Midtown Manhattan


I am the Founder of Poetic People Power and Co-founder of The Project Solution

With the Poetic People Power I work with artists combining art and activism to share stories as a demonstration of how art and politics influence our community. With The Project Solution we are building a group of local donors here in New York City to fund projects overseas – projects like water projects in Africa. Right now we are supporting a bathrooms facilities project at a school in India.

100 Years from now what do you want to be remembered for:

I would be happy if in 100 years from now the work that I am doing is no longer needed.

More important to me, than being remembered is feeling like the people that I am working with have an impact on people and that our projects extend into the lives of others. If that happens in a true way for people it won’t be able to be measured in an exact way. I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody

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