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100 Years From Now – Grace Williams

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Grace Williams (from HarlemDiamond.com)


38  years old

Where are you from:

Born and raised in Harlem

Where do you live:

Still in Harlem


Day time I work for a utility company and I have a blog site called Strictly Chicks and I also have HarlemDiamond.com

100 years from now what do you want to be remembered for:

100 years from now I would love to be remembered as someone who was loving caring, a compassionate friend and also someone that was a trailblazer no matter what happened.

If you fall down you get back up and you still try to remain positive through all the ups and downs that you might face.  So, I think those are probably the main characteristics.

Sometimes we focus on our legacy and maybe it’s a building with your name on it for some people but for me its what you instill and how you touch people and carry that on through the generations.  That’s the things that really stay and stick with you and become the foundation of a community.


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