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Podcasts for 03.29.2010

Natural Law

Dana @ 12:46 AM | Filed under: Podcast

She glanced at us through the glass, looking at no one in particular, after which she went back to reading her Vogue magazine.

I could see from where I stood, panting, that it was the latest issue, the one with Angelina Jolie on the cover. Man! What I wouldn’t give to be reading that exact issue right now; to be doing anything for that matter that would allow me to breathe in enough air to survive. Instead I was gasping and sweating to the beat of the latest power mix tape. I could also see, somewhere between push up number 32 and 33, that she had on a crimson-ish lip gloss and a touch of rose colored blush.

It didn’t seem fair somehow that she would be enjoying her workout in such a civilized way, browsing the pages of her magazine, stepping on her stair master, without a hair out of place while, I was struggling to remember what day of the week it was…

Podcasts for 03.22.2010

Talk This Way!

Dana @ 2:13 AM | Filed under: Podcast

If you ever expect to have what it is that you really want -

At some point you are going to have to be bold enough to say that you have it even if it looks like you don’t!

In fact, in order for anything to exist in reality, someone, somewhere, at some point, had to say that…

Podcasts for 03.15.2010

Playing Catch Up

Dana @ 3:41 AM | Filed under: Podcast

Don’t you hate it when you get hit with something from out of left field that knocks the wind right out of your sail?

I do, especially when I’m just minding my own business.

I hate it when I’m just living my life, going about my day, not bothering anybody else, and seemingly out of nowhere – POW! I get hit, by someone else’s…

Podcasts for 03.01.2010

Where The Brave Dare Not Go

Dana @ 1:46 AM | Filed under: Podcast

I have always been reluctant to rely on mainstream conversation to dictate for me what is or isn’t real. Whether or not everybody is talking about something yet, has never been my measuring stick for what can or can not be.

I hear a lot of people say a lot of things. As a matter of fact, a lot of people say a lot of the same things over and over, just because a lot of people are saying that same thing, so that pretty soon, that same thing that everyone has been saying over and over again, begins to determine just how high we might fly or how long we might passively comply with furthering someone else’s intention to maintain the status quo. The careless talk that we allow ourselves to agree with and then repeat will…

Podcasts for 02.01.2010

Gone Fishin’

Dana @ 1:34 AM | Filed under: Podcast

I have always been plagued with this strong desire to discover just how far I could go. How high can I climb? How fast can I fly? I am certain that this desire is what drove me straight to New York City and it is what drives my insanity everyday. Never satisfied with being the BIG FISH in a little pond, nose pressed against the glass, I remain in pursuit of that body of water where the big boys go to swim…

Podcasts for 01.11.2010

Yes I Can’t

Dana @ 4:09 AM | Filed under: Podcast

I like to know ahead of time if a story has a happy ending so sometimes I cheat and fast forward to the end of the movie or I turn first, to the last page in the book. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way in real life. Try as we might, it’s impossible to know ahead of time how things will turn out in the end and we can’t…

Podcasts for 01.04.2010

Say What?

Dana @ 4:18 AM | Filed under: Podcast

The horizon leans forward,
Offering you space to place new steps of change.
Here, on the pulse of this fine day
You may have the courage
To look up and out upon me, the
Rock, the River, the Tree, your country.

Her use of words is masterful and she speaks of them as things; as power and as creative. Words to her are alive and like the air that we breathe they go into the very fabric of her existence, finally inhabiting her body so that she can live.

I was lost the other day; caught up in a series of appropriate questions and concerns about living in this world and who I will become. Then, in the midst of my subsequent and predictable need for inspiration, I was grateful to have found…

Podcasts for 12.14.2009

The Real Deal

Dana @ 3:17 AM | Filed under: Podcast

Do you have a hero? Is someone’s hero YOU?

Why would someone call you hero? What would make somebody yours?


Although the qualities that make up a hero are many, one fundamental characteristic of heroism is undeniably


Podcasts for 11.16.2009

Who, Me?

Dana @ 2:36 AM | Filed under: Podcast

It is the expression of a particular philosophy for living and it translates to suggest that:

“I am because you are”.

It is Ubuntu.

Much more than a word, Ubuntu is in fact for many…

Podcasts for 11.09.2009


Dana @ 3:00 AM | Filed under: Podcast

I remember the butterflies in my stomach when I read the brochure on the bulletin board, the one that described the trip to Europe that was being offered by the school – London, Paris, Amsterdam… As a tenth grader I had been dreaming of going to Paris for at least one third of my life…

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